Bridal Shower Wishing Well

What is a Wishing Well?

The name says it all. It is shaped in the form of a well and it acts as a container for anything positive that the guests want to bestow upon the bride.

According to old traditions, the ‘well’ was used by guests to deposit gifts and useful items for the young family. Traditions have changed and today a wishing well can serve any purpose the hostess wants it to.
The wishing well can be used to collect cards and written wishes. It can also be the place where gifts are placed. The manner in which the bride-to-be receives her wishes depends entirely on the imagination of people organizing the party.

Making the well itself is also easy. It can be created to resemble an actual wishing well. You will need an appropriate container and decorations that will help you turn it into a well – colorful paper, ropes, laths or small pebbles.

Some may claim that the bridal shower wishing well is something outdated but it can add to the enjoyment. It is up to you to decide whether to have one or to leave it out but the wishing well can be something very emotional and charming.
Samples of Bridal Shower Wishes

If you are still uncertain about appropriate wishes for the bride-to-be, you can use some of the ideas mentioned here:

–          May all your wishes come true!

–          Wishing you a wonderful beginning!

–          Blessings for a special bride-to-be!

–          A shower of fortune, luck and success!

–          All the happiness in the world for a very special lady!

–          Wishing both of you health, success and longevity!

If nothing else comes to your mind, a simple “congratulations” will do the trick. It is important to be yourself when thinking of the most appropriate wish. Make it something that will help the bride-to-be know that you are the person responsible for the beautiful wish.

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