Bridal Shower Wishes

When it comes to bridal showers, guests have some obligations, as well. Coming up with a genuine and beautiful wish for the bride-to-be is one of them.

Some people feel frustrated and uneasy, when trying to come up with the most appropriate and original wishes. The truth is that many of the standard phrases sound clichéd and deprived of meaning. Is this really so or can you rely on classical wishes?

The Role of Wishes

Wishes are a way to share your positive thoughts and sentiments with a very special person. Everybody makes a wish every now and then, hoping that it will come true. People provide birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, Christmas wishes or wishes connected to no special occasion.

In the case of a bridal shower, the wish should focus on the bride-to-be’s future life with her groom. Even if the bride wants no gifts from her guests, it would be a nice gesture to provide her with a card that holds a wish or something beautiful and very personal written inside.

Wishing something has become a tradition at such occasions. That is why a wish fountain had been created. Its single purpose is to encourage guests to wish something and transfer their blessings to the bride-to-be.

What to Wish at a Bridal Shower

Most wishes focus on some of the important human emotions and dreams. When it comes to a woman in love, it is only logical to wish her something wonderful for the life with the man of her dreams.

Bridal shower wishes should focus on love, health and the successful establishment of a family. These are the traditional topics that wishes should address.

In case you know the bride-to-be very well, you can come up with a humorous and more creative wish. Otherwise, stick to traditional wishes in order to avoid embarrassment.

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