Winter Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

A winter bridal shower and you are the one organizing it! This means that you are deprived of the opportunities to hold it at the moonlit beach or in a lush, green garden. Still, winter is a wonderful time of the year and you can select among various intriguing themes.

This type of bridal shower will have to take place indoor because of the low temperatures but you can still recreate the beach in case you are really passionate about it. Apart from the venue limitations, you will have nothing else stopping you from turning the party into the event of the year.

If you want to go for a winter-centered theme, you once again have various options. Explore those and choose the one that will appeal most to the bride-to-be and the guests that will be attending the party.

All-White Bridal Shower
The whiteness of snow is perfect for the occasion. Pick the color as the main theme for the bridal shower.

An all-white bridal shower signifies that the food, decorations, favors, tableware and cake will all be in the same nuance. To make it more exciting, you can even ask the guests to come dressed in white and to wrap their gifts in white paper.

Use balloons and white flowers to decorate the room. You can also go for elegant white candles and curtains.

You can choose among numerous white foods. White cheese, cauliflower soup, yogurt, rice noodles, mayonnaise sauce, rice, fish, milk and ice cream can all be used. Naturally, the cake will have white icing.

Ski Chalet Bridal Shower
Take the bridal shower to a mountain chalet. Transform the room into a cozy little place, surrounded by snow-drifts and tall pine trees.

A fireplace will be needed to set the right atmosphere. Hosting the bridal shower in a wooden construction will also be a nice touch. Have pine tree decorations, fir-cones and skis as decoration.

A glass of wine by the fireplace and a nice conversation will turn this bridal shower into a memorable event.

Winter-Themed Bridal Shower
Use winter itself as the theme for your bridal shower. Make it icy, white, fresh and very elegant.

Snowflakes made out of paper will be the perfect decoration for this type of bridal shower. You can also make ice pools or use artificial snow to cover the window ledges.

A buffet of hot drinks will be very suitable. Have several types of tea, hot chocolate and hot alcoholic beverages available. When it comes to foods, you can pick anything the bride-to-be likes. Go for warm foods and appetizers and limit the number of salads, since these will have difficulties fitting into the theme.

White decorations will once again be very appropriate. Refrain from using flower decorations and stick to the theme.

Be creative. Winter is a fun season, despite the fact that it is cold and sometimes gloomy. Think of all the wonderful and fun wintertime activities that can be focal to your bridal shower. If you have problems coming up with something or if none of these options seem attractive enough, you can select a universal bridal shower theme that can be executed effortlessly both during the summer and winter.

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