Wine Glass Gel candle bridal shower crafts

Wine glass gel candles look beautiful and sophisticated. The transparent gel is much more easy to use than traditional wax and it can be used for the creation of an amazing candle.

Gel wax is soft to the touch. As a result, it cannot be cast in candle molds. Gel wax cannot stand on its own – it needs the support of a container. Wine glasses are the perfect type of container, since they are clear, thus allowing for the beautiful candle to be seen.

You require no specific skills or equipment to make bridal shower wine glass gel candles.

What Will You Need?

To make wine glass gel candles, you will need gel wax, a double boiler, as many wine glasses as you want, pre tabbed wick, candle dye and scent.

You will also need decorations, so that you turn each glass into a fancy piece of art.

Use anything that you like to decorate your wine glass gel candles – dried flowers, ribbons, beads, sea shells. Keep in mind that gel wax is flammable and putting any type of decoration on top of it can lead to fire hazard.

For best results, decorate the stem of the glass or its exterior.

How to Make Gel Candles

The first step in the candle making process is to get the glasses cleaned from fingerprints and dirt. Use a piece of soft fabric and alcohol to polish the interior of the glasses. You will be touching the exterior so that can be cleaned once you are done making the candles.

Place the wick inside the glass. Try to keep it straight. You can fix it in two ways. One option is to glue the wick tab to the bottom of the glass. An alternative is to use a small amount of melted wax to get the wick fixed.

Next up is melting the wax. Higher temperatures will prevent the appearance of bubbles.

Gel wax is transparent and very beautiful but you can use dye to add some color to your candles. You can experiment with colorant and small amount of gel wax before you start making the candles. This way, you will make certain that the amount of dye used will produce the exact shade you need.

Stir while adding colorant to get it evenly distributed throughout the molten wax. Add scent, if you want to have aromatic candles. One tablespoon of scented oil is enough for two cups of gel wax.

Once you are done melting, pour the wax in the glasses. Pour the hot wax slowly so that no bubbles form. Refrain from pouring it all the way to the top.

Let the candles solidify. Once they are ready, trim the wick. Your wine glass gel wax candles are ready.

Decorations and Bridal Shower Favors

Once the wax solidifies, you can start decorating your gel candles. Use the colors of the party to produce beautiful candle centerpieces.

The manner in which you decorate your gel candles is entirely up to you. Remember that the gel wax itself is beautiful enough. There is no need to overdo the decoration process.

The wine glass gel candles can be excellent in terms of decorating the bridal shower tables. You can also use them as a bridal shower favors. In such instances, you might want the name of the bride-to-be and her groom inscribed on the glass.

Wine glass gel candles are easy and fun to make. If you want to contribute to the creation of the decorations, you can easily produce gel wax candles. They are stylish, beautiful and incredibly fun.

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