Wine and Cheese Bridal Shower Ideas

A wine and cheese bridal shower is becoming excessively popular today. This popularity is certainly well-founded. Such parties are suitable for all groups of people. In addition, a wine and cheese party can be sophisticated, casual or very elegant. It all depends on your intentions and creativity.

Organizing a wine and cheese party could be a bit confusing, especially if you are far from a wine person. Fortunately, you can benefit from the experience and aid of professionals who know what it takes to organize quality wine tasting.

Selecting Appropriate Wines
A good selection of wines is essential, if you plan to make the party professional and enjoyable for everyone.

You can either pick the wines yourself or organize the bridal shower in a cellar or a restaurant. The second option will be easier for you in terms of planning. Such venues have specialized in organizing wine tasting and will know what exactly to do.

Have a medley of red and white wines available. Some people have specific preferences for one type or another. Providing information cards about the type of wine, where it was produced and when will give guests additional information.

Pick Your Cheese
You have hundreds of options when it comes to selecting cheese platters. Some people are uncomfortable with less common types so having a few ‘safe’ options will be wise.

So, if you want to get specific, these are the most common and popular types of cheeses that you can select. Emmental or Swiss cheese is medium-hard and having large holes. Gruyere is a hard, very yellow cheese. The taste of this cheese is simultaneously sweet and salty.

Cheddar is an English-type of cheese that is very hard and having a slightly sharper taste than some people would be comfortable with. Still, it has its numerous fans and happens to be a good pick, as well. To have a soft option, include Brie to the platter. This soft, French cheese is pale in color and very tasty.

Gouda cheese comes from the Netherlands. This cheese is delicately sweet and very attractive. If you want to increase the variety, purchase parmigiano-reggiano. Parmigiano originated in Italy. It is very hard and delicious. Though it is known as a cheese that gets grated and added to meals, it can be easily consumed on its own.

Attention to Details
A wine and cheese bridal shower will look splendid even if you pay little attention to decorations. Still, some details have to be considered.

The wine glasses could have the names of the bride-to-be and groom inscribed on them. Select beautiful, high quality wine glasses. Make sure that you have some suitable for the consumption of white wine and some suitable for the consumption of red wine.

Decorate the bottles themselves. This is entirely up to you. Use paper or cloth, you can even make floral patterns. Try to get these decorations in the same colors as all the other party items.

Apart from the cheeses, you can include other types of foods. Have several kinds of bread available. Fruits will also be suitable. Naturally, a bridal shower cake and desserts will always be welcomed.

If you feel uncertain about it, hire a professional sommelier. This trained wine professional will be able to describe the wines and the wine tasting techniques. Besides, such presence will make the party even classier.

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