Who is responsible for bridal shower expenditure?

The bridal shower is something that the maid of honor traditionally organizes for the bride-to-be.

Holding a bridal shower is truly fun. The maid of honor will have to decide on the theme, the decorations and the menu. All these aspects, however, are connected to some financial obligations. Knowing who is responsible for making the payments is very important.

Etiquette regulates bridal shower expenditure and states clearly who is responsible for the financial aspects of the event. It should be taken into consideration before the party planning starts.

The Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor

Traditionally, the maid of honor is the person organizing the bridal shower. Naturally, she can rely on the support of the other bridesmaids or on the closest friends of the bride-to-be.

As etiquette states, the bride-to-be is responsible for all payments related to the organization of the bridal shower.

Knowing that the financial burden is on her shoulders, the maid of honor will have to take several important organization decisions. Naturally, a large venue that can be rented signifies expenditure. The same applies to food catering, decorations and the purchase of bridal shower favors.

To minimize these expenditures, the organizer can have some of the party items made at home. A bridal shower does not have to be splendid and overly luxurious. The main aim of the event is to give the bride-to-be a chance to enjoy the company of her closest friends. This can happen in simple and elegant surroundings.

Who Can Help?

If she finds it difficult to deal with everything on her own, the maid of honor can delegate tasks to other people and rely on some side support.

Other bridesmaids could help with the financial part of the party. It really depends on the coordination between the maid of honor and other people.

The family of the bride-to-be could also offer help in terms of getting the bridal shower organized. There are no strict rules when it comes to the distribution of the financial burden. The main organizer can rely on the help of all other willing to get involved.

Guests and Bride-to-be Have No Financial Obligations

The bride-to-be is the special guest of the party. The bridal shower is thrown to honor her and to give her a chance to enjoy the company of her best friends.
The bride-to-be has no financial obligations when it comes to paying for the bridal shower. She is sufficiently burdened with organizing the wedding. This smaller party is held to give her a chance to relax before the big day arrives.

Guests are also free from financial responsibility when it comes to the bridal shower. Their only obligation is to bring a gift, in case gift giving will be taking place during the party.

Knowing where the financial responsibility lays is important in terms of getting the bridal shower organized impeccably. The maid of honor will have to make some preliminary calculations so that the party does not turn into a major burden. Etiquette states that she is the person in charge but the main organizer can naturally rely on support from others.

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