What to Buy for a Bridal Shower

What type of gift should you choose for a bridal shower that you just got invited to? The number of options is tremendous, which makes the task of present selection even more difficult.

The relationship you have with the bride-to-be, the bridal shower theme and your budget will all determine the type of gift you are going to get.

Follow these simple tips to determine the present that will make the bride-to-be happiest and that will hold the deepest meaning and emotional charge.

Something Personalized
Personalized gifts can never go wrong. They speak of the relationship you have with the person receiving the gift and they are unique. If you are looking for a present that will resemble no other, you should stick to something personalized.

A coffee mug, a T-shirt or a bath robe can all be personalized. Message selection and visuals are entirely up to you.

The personalized gift could contain images connected to love or something fun about the bride and the groom. You can create matching T-shirts for the two of them. It can be ridiculous, emotional or even philosophical.

Go through websites that make personalized gifts to look for ideas and inspiration. Once you know what you are looking for, you can proceed to the ordering and purchase of the present.

Theme-Relevant Gifts
Still unsure about the best gift to buy? Choose something that is theme-relevant. The bridal shower theme provides some indications about the preferences, interests and needs of the bride-to-be.

A kitchen-themed bridal shower lets you know that the young family is trying to furnish and equip its kitchen. You can select appliances, tableware and anything else that will help the bride-to-be and her fiancé create the perfect kitchen.

If you feel uncertain about the bride-to-be’s sense of humor or preferences, go with the theme. This is the safest option that you can make use of.

Choose Something Traditional (if you don’t know the bride that well)
How well do you know the bride-to-be? In the case of getting invited to the bridal shower of a distant relative or someone that you know just vaguely, you should stick to traditional gifts. They will never impress but these are options suitable for anyone’s preferences.

Get something nice from the bride-to-be’s registry. You can also consult the hostess about the most appropriate presents.

Buy something useful rather than something you consider original. Fun gifts and untraditional items should be chosen solely if you are 100 percent familiar with the bride-to-be’s preferences.

Make It Fun
Fun and sexy gifts are another good option. All ladies will be having fun and the bride-to-be will always remember her bridal shower.

Sexy lingerie or sex-related games will always be in fashion. Get those solely if you know that the bride-to-be will have fun rather than feel offended. Some people feel uneasy about such gifts and may even consider them rude.

A wedding day survival kit is another fun option that you can put together yourself. It is inexpensive and enjoyable. The kit should contain items and products that the bride may need during her wedding day: hair spray, mints, a bottle of water, lip balm, condoms, a sewing kit. You can either make the kit humorous or very useful.

The selection of a gift for the bridal shower is an important decision you will have to make but do keep in mind that the wedding gift is much more significant. Have fun picking one. Spend wisely and choose something that will be either useful or fun and emotional.

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