Bridal Shower Verses

Art is special, especially when it reflects on genuine emotions and sentiments. Even the simplest forms of art, created by unknown authors, can be moving and effective.

Bridal showers are emotional events and art fits fine within each theme. You can use verses, poems and quotes in nearly every aspect of the party. In fact, its entire theme can be focused on the manner in which people have celebrated love through words.

Verses and poems can be included in the invitation, alongside favors and as a part of the games and activities that will be taking place during the bridal shower. Hundreds of pieces are available. All you need to do is to discover the best ways to incorporate those into the bridal shower theme and activities.

Bridal Shower Verses

You can use many types of verses. These are especially appropriate for the invitation. If the bride-to-be and the guests are religious, you can pick biblical verses related to marriage. You can also rely on songs and sayings to add that special touch to the event.

Verses can be discovered in nearly every tone. They can be funny, instructive, wise or emotional. Decide what types of verses are most appropriate for the bridal shower you are hosting.

Remember to add a degree of lightness even if you want to keep it serious. Being overly instructive or official will spoil the fun. A bridal shower is an intimate get together for friends and loved ones. Use verses to set the mood.

Some of the verses that you can use include:

Star light, star bright!

(name of bride) has found her Mr. Right!

Come help us shower the star-struck couple

Red roses and candlelight, dinner for two, (name of bride) & (name of groom) will soon say: “I Do!”

Let’s shower (name of bride) with love and wishes, because soon she’ll be (name of groom)’s Mrs.!

Roses are red and violets are blue

We’re throwing a shower for you know who

A wedding celebration is on its way

Let’s prepare her for her big day

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