Unique bridal shower invitations

The bridal shower invitation is the first item that a guest will see. It will tell a lot about the upcoming party, its theme and ambiance. A unique invitation will certainly set the right mood before the start of the bridal shower.

To create a unique bridal shower invitation, you need an original idea and professional execution. It takes some planning and research but if you are willing to put effort in it, you will produce the most outstanding bridal shower invitations ever.

Before getting started, you will need to do some planning and research. Get ready to answer some questions to make the task less complex.

What Do You Want to Say?

When trying to make a unique bridal shower invitation, you will have to determine exactly what you want to say.

The message that the invitation carries will help you select the best design, paper and artwork to include.

Is it going to be strictly informative? Or maybe you aim to make it more romantic? Decide on the tone and once you make your choice, you will be able to determine which artistic means will be mostly compatible.

Decide what you are willing to say, apart from the strict information that any bridal shower invitation should contain. Now you are ready to move on to the next step.

Which Style is Appropriate?

The design and style you choose for the invitation should correspond to the bridal shower theme and overall tone of the party.

If the gathering is more conservative, you should keep the design simple, elegant and classical. Refrain from trying something too funky and unusual, since it may startle the audience.

Even if you decide to stick to a classical theme, you can create an original and unique invitation. It is all in the details, the materials, and the selection of tones. A simple change of font can turn a traditional invitation into a work of art.

Pay attention to the small things. This is what matters. Adding a line of paper lace or a beautiful picture to the invitation will give it a special sentiment. The same applies to the form and pattern of the paper that you choose.


Think out of the box. To make it unique, you have to add a special element that nobody has ever thought of. Most people have original ideas but are afraid to implement them and stray away from traditions.

The usual invitation is rectangular. Why not have a triangular one? Or an irregularly shaped invitation?

Experiment with the paper. Instead of standard white paper, use parchment. Or a papyrus? As long as it fits within the theme, you can have fun experimenting with textures and different types of papers.

The manner in which the message is written and the manner in which visuals are added will also play a role. The invitation will be truly unique if you stick to it something made by hand – a picture, a symbol or a logo.

If you lack an idea, you can look for inspiration online. Browse through image galleries and wedding websites. If you still feel uncertain, consult the bride-to-be. After all, the party is dedicated to her special day and she will be able to come up with the most appropriate ideas.

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