Unique bridal shower games

If you are facing the task of organizing a bridal shower, you are probably wondering about the most appropriate games and party activities. These are essential, as such activities will help people know each other better and enjoy the party.

The games that you select have to correspond to the bridal shower theme and to the sentiments of people invited to the party.

Make sure that the games are appropriate for everyone attending the bridal shower. A more conservative group will feel comfortable with certain types of games, which however will be entirely inappropriate for younger and wilder gatherings.

The games that you select will help the people break the ice and learn more about the bride-to-be and her groom. Select activities that are both fun and emotional.

Trivia Games

A unique way to approach bridal shower games is coming up with trivia quizzes. These can be exceptionally enjoyable, as long as you pick the right questions and trivia themes.

Without informing the bride, ask the groom 20 or more personal questions. Make sure that these are fun and revealing something intriguing about the love between the two and about the upcoming wedding.

As the bridal shower starts, provide each guest and the bride-to-be with pen and paper. Read once again the questions that you asked the groom and make the ladies provide their answers. The bride should be the first one to read her answers out loud.

A trivia game can also be based on any other theme. It can be dedicated to the bride-to-be. Asking her friends to answer questions about her past and personality will be hilarious and will get everyone sentimental.

Two Truths and a Lie

Another unique and very fun game will help you break the ice and will give guests a chance to learn more about each other.

As the ladies are seated around the table, ask each one to describe herself briefly. This introduction should contain two statements that are accurate and one that is a lie.

Ask the other guests to find out which statement is the false one. The person who uncovers most of the lies will be the game’s winner. This activity is very fun and it requires no special preparations. Besides, people will learn more about each other and will be given the chance to establish new friendships.

Exposing the Bride

During the bridal shower, get the bride to leave for a little while. Once she does, ask each guest to remember a funny or embarrassing moment that they shared with the bride. If you feel that people will be uneasy sharing those, you can ask everyone to write these memories on paper.

As the bride-to-be returns to the room, start reading the memories and make her decide about the person who has shared the specific piece of information.

Art and Games

You can successfully incorporate art into the bridal shower games.

Provide guests with paper, pens, crayons and paints. Make them create a special card, a poster or a personalized message. This game will produce wonderful little souvenirs that the bride-to-be will be able to take home.

You can also make the guests decorate special cupcakes. You need to provide them with icing, cream and the kitchen utensils that will be needed to produce amazing and unique cupcakes.

Remember that the aim of bridal shower games is to help people have fun rather than to make them feel silly. Select tasteful activities that will please everyone. Be careful with rude jokes and untraditional ideas. These may leave guests frustrated instead of entertained.

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