Unique bridal shower decorations

Decorations are a form of self-expression. They can be used to depict an idea, a fantasy or a dream. They bring something imaginary to the real world. Bridal shower decorations can help you transform a plain location into a castle, the beach or an aristocratic tea parlor.

Using decorations creatively and coming up with unique ideas is important if you are willing to create adequate settings, to get the guests comfortable and to have an amazing party.

When it comes to bridal shower decorations, you have many options. You can use the services of a professional company. You can purchase decorations and arrange the patterns yourself. Still another idea is to create the decorative pieces at home.

Each option has its pros and con’s. You will have to evaluate the positive and negative aspects in order to make a good decision. When it comes to creative and unique bridal shower decorations, you can make use of a number of ideas.

The Use of Pictures

Using pictures in the decorations will turn each piece into something very unique and specific for the bridal shower.

Select photos of the bride-to-be. Trace her childhood, teenage years and the time she spent with the man she is about to marry. You can organize the images chronologically or you can scatter them throughout the place to make the guests explore each corner.

Add witty captions that will make everyone laugh and remember the good, old days.

You can also use the photos as centerpieces. Beautiful image collages can replace the flowers and candles in the middle of each table. This is an original and very creative decoration approach that will leave everyone pleasantly surprised.

Art and Posters

Art can also be used to set a very special atmosphere.

Select famous works of art or ones that are thematic. Pick the pieces that correspond to the sentiment and tone of the party.

Art is very flexible and extremely suitable when it comes to decorations. You can select oil canvases, black and white graphics, aquarelle paintings or plain sketches. The artistic technique and the subject of each artwork will help you present a certain bridal shower theme.

You can also rely on posters and modernist art to make the atmosphere innovative and fun.

The good thing about art is that you can discover pieces corresponding to nearly each human emotion and activity. You will have fun selecting the artwork and guests will have fun exploring it.

The Table Centerpieces

You will have to be exceptionally creative when it comes to the selection of the table centerpieces.

These decorations will be closest to the guests. They have to be attractive yet unobtrusive. You have many options when it comes to centerpieces but the most important rule is to follow the bridal shower theme.

Centerpieces can be made of nearly each material. You can pick flowers, varieties of candles, confetti, even pebbles to create colorful centerpieces. Each material that you get your hands on can be put to use. Pine twigs, sea shells, dried leaves are all appropriate. Think of the theme and of the bride-to-be. Sketch the centerpieces so that you have a clear idea and start working on them.

Make Your Own Decorations

If you want to be extra original and unique, you should attempt making your own bridal shower decorations.

Creating customized candles on your own is quite simple. You will need wax, wicks and appropriate moulds. The manner in which you shape and decorate the candles is entirely up to you.

Flowers and ribbons can be used in the making of your own table centerpieces.

Each item related to the bridal shower, starting from the invitations and going to the favors can be handmade. Paper, lace, ribbons, beads and glitter can all be used in the creation of stylish decorations.

If you want it to be special, you will have to be bold enough. Experiment with colors, textures and arrangements. Make sure that you achieve harmony in the selection of tones and decoration materials. To have special decorations, you will need to get involved personally.

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