Bridal shower umbrella theme

Umbrellas are traditional bridal shower items. According to some, this custom started long time ago, when friends and relatives used an umbrella to place gifts for the bride-to-be. The items were positioned in the parasol. The umbrella was then used to symbolically ‘shower’ the bride-to-be with gifts.

Naturally, traditions have changed. The umbrella, however, remains a popular bridal shower symbol that can easily and successfully be incorporated in all types of party decorations.

Think about the bridal shower theme that you want and if you decide on the usage of an umbrella, make use of some of these ideas.

Bridal Shower Umbrella Invitations

The umbrella can be used in the invitations. This is how guests will know what the main bridal shower theme will be.

You have numerous options when it comes to the invitation design. An umbrella image or sketch can be printed inside the invitation. The invitation itself can be cut in the shape of an umbrella.

Many printing companies will provide you with suggestions, in case you have no idea how to implement the idea on your own. Whether the invitation is colored or black and white, the umbrella is a distinguishable symbol that will make the theme known.

Bridal Shower Umbrellas in the Centerpieces and Tableware

When it comes to bridal shower tableware, you have countless options. Specially customized sets are offered for the purpose.

Many bridal shower tableware sets feature an umbrella image in the decorations. It can be stylized or detailed but this symbol will be present on the plates and glasses, as well.

It is important to try to keep all decorations in the same style. If your tableware has stylized and modern umbrella images, you will break the uniformity by adding retro-umbrellas to the tables. The style needs to be similar, though such consistency could be difficult to achieve.

Your table centerpieces can feature the umbrella image, as well. You can either place small umbrellas to the bouquets or use umbrella-shaped confetti to add some freshness to the party tables.

Umbrella-Shaped Bridal Shower Balloons

Instead of using flowers and banners, you can select balloon decorations. These are funky, noticeable and original.

Umbrella-shaped balloons are available in many stores, as well as online. Such balloons are especially designed and created for bridal shower decorations.

Stick to balloons in the same shape or to clusters that feature related items – small umbrellas, large umbrellas, stars and wedding bells.

Other Umbrella-Shaped Decorations

If you need something more in terms of bridal shower decorations, you can focus on the following aspects.

The bridal shower cake gives you another chance to be creative. A cake in the shape of an umbrella or umbrella toppings will once again demonstrate what the main theme of the party is.

Some companies offer umbrella decorations that can be signed by guests. Such items are very appropriate, as they will let the bride-to-be keep the wishes and warm words of friends and relatives in the form of a souvenir.

An umbrella theme will always be appropriate for a bridal shower. It can be modern, classical or retro. The umbrella can be present all over the place or stylized. The manner in which you incorporate the umbrella in the party decorations is up to you but the decision to utilize the symbol is certainly a right one.

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