Invitation Ideas for a Tropical Bridal Shower

A tropical bridal shower theme is probably the jolliest one. It leaves everyone with warm feelings and memories of sandy beaches, palms and refreshing cocktails.

Is it possible to take all these emotions and include them in the bridal shower invitation? Can the use of simple words and images carry the same meaning as the experience itself?

When it comes to tropical bridal invitations, you have amazing freedom. The topic is rich in terms of expression means and visuals. The invitation can be shaped in weird manners, it can be very colorful and eccentric. Anything that you choose will be suitable and intriguing.

The Visuals

You have a large medley of visuals to choose among when it comes to decorating a tropical bridal shower invitation.

Use palms. Or a beach landscape, flip-flops, cocktails, Hawaiian attire and kite surfs. Any beach or party-related visual will be appropriate.

The best part about trying to come up with a tropical-themed invitation is that you have no limitations in terms of color usage. The tropics are vivid and saturated with shades and nuances. Other types of invitations can take up to two or three colors. A tropical invitation can be as imaginative and vibrant as you want it to be.

Keep in mind that such gatherings are usually appropriate for younger people. Young people enjoy eccentricity and innovation. The theme lets you be as wild in terms of design as you want to be.

Funky Fonts and Wording

A tropical-themed bridal shower will also let you play around with the invitation wording and the selection of fonts.

The wording does not have to be strict and traditional. You can add jokes or slang to make it more intriguing. Once again, the trick is to do it tastefully. Never overdo it, otherwise you will accomplish the opposite of what you want.

Include all the important information in a leisurely manner. If the bridal shower involves activities like cocktail making, mention those in the invitation. Inform guests if they need to bring in any supplies, for example the ingredients for their favorite cocktails.

You can also select unusual and funky fonts as a special highlight. If you simply browse through online font galleries, you will discover many unusual letter types that are suitable for such print materials.

Use one funky font for the main slogan or for the words “Tropical-Themed Bridal Shower.” A standard font has to be utilized to present the important information. Remember that funky fonts add diversity but they are usually difficult to read. Use them sparingly.

Make It Creative

A tropical theme leaves room for creativity.

You can always stick a beautifully polished sea shell to the invitation. This can be your visual instead of an image or a piece of clip art.

To make it fun and exciting, use unusual paper. It can be scented or it can have specific texture. Grainy paper might remind people of beach sand. Blue stripes will resemble waves. Play around with papers and decoration materials. The theme gives you the chance to express your ideas in an innovative way.

A tropical theme is fun and exciting. You should translate these sentiments in the invitation. Enjoy the process of making the invitations and be happy with the final result. If it pleases you, it will probably appeal to the guests, as well.

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