What is a Travel Bridal Shower?

Everybody loves to travel. Some people prefer cultural destinations while others select more extreme activities for their trips. One thing is certain – a travel bridal shower will please everyone and will get people acquainted with yet another wonderful place.

Your main task as the organizer of the event is recreating the specific atmosphere and appeal of a specific place. You can do that through the selection of decorations, through the menu and the activities that you choose.

Organizing a travel bridal shower will be exceptionally fun and intriguing. Follow these tips to make it authentic and classy.

Selecting the Best Travel Theme
You have so many travel destinations to choose from that picking the right one could be an overwhelming task.

To make it easier, limit the destinations to the places that the bride-to-be loves and prefers. Once you have this list drafted, think about the decorations and items that can be used to recreate each place.

Choose destinations that have specific cultural aspects and landmarks connected to them. Turning a place into Florence would be easy – it has its very specific silhouette and Italian cuisine is probably a favorite for the majority of people.

Some destinations, however, are too exotic and difficult to use as a theme. Pick a place that will require minimal effort and that will be appealing to many people. Something very unusual will probably leave guests wondering.

Use the Honeymoon Location
Another clever way to approach the issue is using the honeymoon location as the theme for the bridal shower.

This pick will certainly surprise the bride-to-be in a very pleasant way. The gifts she will receive could also be very useful during the upcoming trip that she will be making with her husband.

If you are uncertain about this idea, ask the bride-to-be whether she fancies having a honeymoon-themed bridal shower. She will probably feel comfortable and happy with your selection and she will provide you with some nice ideas.

Take Guests on a Real Trip
Having difficulties organizing a travel themed bridal shower? Here is an idea – you can instead take the guests on a real trip.

Taking bridal shower guests for a trip does not have to be costly and very hard on your budget. The trip could be a very small one, as long as it gives guests the chance to interact and to have fun together.

Organize the bridal shower in the mountain, probably in an area located very close to the city you live in. This way, everyone will be able to attend without you having to think about accommodation. A picnic by a river or a lake is another wonderful idea.

You can also organize a weekend trip for the bride-to-be and her closest friends. Go away for some spa treatment and relaxation. Many hotels are likely to come up with special vacation packages featuring discounts for groups.

Travel bridal showers are a fresh and entertaining selection. Select the most intriguing place and take guests there. Explore the numerous options you have available and remember to have fun with it.

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