How to make a bridal shower towel cake

A bridal shower towel cake is an excellent gift idea. The bride-to-be is in need of many objects and items for her new home. Towels can always come in handy. In addition, you can express your originality through the creation of the towel cake.

The process is quite simple. It requires no special craft skills. Rolling the towels and turning them into a cake could be a little tricky but everyone can create this beautiful and simultaneously useful bridal shower present.

Why Make a Towel Cake?

A gift you have made demonstrates that you care about the person and that you have put effort into creating something.

At the same time, a towel cake has much more than purely decorative purposes. The bride-to-be can unfold it and use the towels and other goodies you have hidden inside.

Even better – a towel cake is very easy to make. It is a personalized gift that is practical and beautiful. If you want to make something special for the bride-to-be, you should put your sleeves up and start putting the towel cake together.

Colors of Towels, Colors of Decorations

The first step you need to undertake is the purchase of towels and of decorations.

Try to picture the final product in your mind. Will you use ribbons for decorations? Or maybe you are thinking about flowers? How about having an ocean-themed towel cake? In this case, you can use sea shells and blue ribbons as decorations.

Keep the colors of the towels and of the decorations the same. For best results, you can also select white towels. They combine finely with any color of decorations. Colorful towels are more difficult to match with ribbons and other decorative items.

Create a color scheme before you make a purchase. Try to keep the colors limited to two or three. Otherwise you risk crossing the border between stylish and tasteless.

How to Make a Towel Cake

You will need two large towels, two smaller ones (hand towels for example) and two very small pieces like wash towels.

As you can imagine, these will serve for the production of the different cake layers.

Additional materials you will need include safety pins, two-sided tape, a cardboard circle and decorations.

To make the base of the cake, you will use the largest towels. Fold each one in half, lengthwise. Fold once again. The result should be a narrow strip. Fasten the two towels together using a safety pin. You now have one long strip.

Roll the strip. You will get a towel cylinder that will be the bottom layer. To keep it steady, use the two-sided tape to stick the cylinder to the cardboard circle. Use as many safety pins as you need to keep the roll fastened.

Repeat the same procedure with the smaller towels. You can cut out smaller cardboard circles. Place these between every two layers, so that the cake remains stable.

Your cake is ready. You can now begin decorating. Tie a ribbon through the mid-height of each layer. You can also place flowers or other decorations on top of the cake. Use safety pins or tape to fasten those.

Use cellophane or wrapping paper to keep the cake from accumulating dust. Your towel cake is ready.

Adding Several Surprises?

Once you create each towel cake layer, you can hide some goodies in the soft center of the gift.

Anything that is bathroom-related can be hidden inside the towel cake. Put body lotion, beautifully crafted soaps and bath salts inside. You can insert anything that seems to be appropriate and thematic.

Make sure that the cake does not get too heavy and that it is stable enough despite the addition of goodies.

A towel cake combines something original and something practical. If you are attending the bridal shower of a loved one, you can easily create one such piece. It will certainly show how much you care.

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