Bridal Shower Toasts

The hostess of a bridal shower is usually responsible for the toast that will take place during some stage of the party. Getting ready for a toast can be sometimes difficult. You will probably wonder about the right words to say and the right stories to tell.

A toast is a little opportunity for everyone to hear something fun and heartwarming about the bride-to-be, her youth and the manner in which she fell in love. You can tell these stories in a way that will get everyone intrigued, emotional and involved.

Getting ready for a toast will require some preparation and thought but as long as you do your homework, the little speech will turn out just perfect.

Prepare in Advance

The most important part of a toast is preparing in advance. Very few people are able to deliver a quality improvisation. If you want it to be perfect, you would have to draft your speech and rehearse it before the bridal shower.

Start early enough so that you have time to modify it and to memorize the toast.

Practice in front of the mirror. Tone, voice and facial expression are very important. Use your body to emphasize on the important points and to make people laugh. Learn where to make a tiny pause and how to change your intonation.

Make It Fun

A toast needs to be fun and entertaining. The worst thing you can do is get the guests bored to death. Instead of telling a teary story, make it a fun one.

You can always rely on the bride-to-be’s childhood. Everyone has a fun moment or two in their biography. Include these tastefully and present them as little anecdotes that people will be able to relate to.

Even if you are making a serious point, it will be most appropriate to deliver it in a humorous manner. For example, you can sketch a young, rebellious girl growing up, who has now managed to transform herself into a fine lady. Contrast the two selves of the bride-to-be. The stories about her teen mischief will make people laugh while her love story will get everyone emotional.

Make It Personal

A toast will be successful only if you make it very personal. Refrain from talking about love in general. Talk about love in the way the bride-to-be has experienced it.

Describe events in the manner you have seen and felt them. A toast is not about being a reporter, it is about relating a personal story. If you keep yourself out of it, the story will sound aloof.

Do not be afraid to say things as you have experienced them. A toast is a personal statement and this is the only way to make it sincere and touching.

Stay Away from Clichés

The biggest mistake you can commit is falling in the traps of clichés.

People have heard wedding speeches hundreds of times. About 90 percent of these speeches and toasts are indistinguishable. They claim the same thing and they use the same wishes. If you want to make it a memorable toast, try to refrain from being banal.

Wish the bride-to-be something special. Everybody else will be wishing her longevity and lots of love. You are her maid of honor. Tell her something surprising and unexpected.

Keep It Short

A successful toast is straight to the point. Keep it short and keep it focused if you do not want to get everyone bored.

Refrain from elongating your speech artificially. If you have a single paragraph that sums up your feelings, it is best to use that instead of a three-page speech filled with hollow and meaningless words.

An anecdote, a joke, a love quote and some wishes will do perfect in terms of a bridal shower toast. Speak from your heart and address the bride-to-be and her friends. People will sense your sincerity and will enjoy every minute of the toast.

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