Bridal Shower Thank You Wording

A bridal shower is a very special event dedicated to a single lady – the bride-to-be.

Once the party is over, the bride-to-be has a very important task to take care of – the creation and sending of thank you notes. These messages are for everyone who has attended the party. They are used to show how much the bride-to-be appreciates everyone’s presence.

Writing a thank you note can be difficult. People often feel intimidated by such tasks. The message always seems a little too shallow, a little too clichéd and a little too general.

It is important to follow your heart and the basic thank-you note writing rules if you want to produce something that will make each guest of the event happy. Follow the steps and explore the thank you wording samples.

Make It Personal

The most important aspect of a thank you note is to personalize the message.

Refrain from sending one universal note to everyone who attended the party. Some of the people are relatives, others are coworkers and friends. Think of different messages that will be individually appropriate.

Keep in mind that the best thank you notes are handwritten. Forget about the computer. Use pen and paper to show that the message is coming from you, not from a machine.

You should also mail thank you notes. E-mail or mobile phone messages are very impersonal and inappropriate.

Be Sincere

Honesty is another key aspect of the process.

Even if the message is a short one, make sure that it comes straight from the heart. Powerful words that sound dishonest can only offend the people who took the time to attend and enjoy your party.

Keep it plain and keep it sincere. A single ‘thank you’ can be much more powerful than a long and detailed explanation, which however lack authenticity.

Thank You Note Wording Samples

A special thank you note should be dedicated to the hostess of the bridal shower. Take your time to create a special message for that person. One example could be:

Dear (name of hostess),

Thank you for taking the time to organize an amazing bridal shower! I loved every minute of it and I think the activities you selected were perfect. Everyone had much fun, thank to your creativity and effort.

Thank you once again for everything!


(your name)

When it comes to the guests, the text can focus on the gifts you received. Here is a sample:

Dear (name of person),

Thank you for attending my bridal shower. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I also wish to thank you for the wonderful gift (it might be a good idea to mention it, in order to personalize the note) – I have always wanted to have a (object) and it will be something very useful and needed.


(your name)

Modify these messages to make them better suited but the basic style of the note is more or less clear. Have an introductory sentence, a longer thank you sentence and a brief conclusion.

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