Holding a bridal shower tea party

A bridal shower tea party is the most appropriate idea for a group of ladies who would like to sit together in leisurely surroundings and communicate.

Organizing a tea party requires some effort in terms of decorations and game selection. Appropriate activities must be chosen so that the women sitting together at the table get to know each other and enjoy the time spent together.

Venue Selection

A tea party needs to feel both elegant and cozy. The first decision that you will have to make when organizing the bridal shower is where it will be held.

Tea parties are traditionally held at home. Holding the bridal shower at your place is a perfect idea, as long as you have a suitable room that can accommodate as many as 10 to 20 women.

A garden tea party can also be fun during the spring and summer. The greenery and open air will add to the charm of the event and will make it even classier. A garden-held tea party will also permit for more games and activities.

Decorations and Theme

A tea party reminds many of British aristocracy and the Victorian era. Try to recreate this aristocratic sophistication through the decorations.

Keep the room plain and stylish. The tableware will play very important role. You need quality china, which corresponds to the wedding colors.

The tablecloth has to add to the style of the event, as well. Try to have as many fresh flower bouquets as possible. In fact, flowers are the most appropriate type of decoration. Refrain from using banners and balloons as these will take away from the sophistication that you have managed to achieve.

Bridal Shower Menu

Though the primary drink during the tea party is more than obvious, you will have to select additional beverages and foods.

Organize the food buffet in a stylish and beautiful manner. The best options include cake, small sandwiches, petit fours, gingerbread, a selection of cookies and fruits. Make sure that you have lemons, sugar and honey available, as well as several types of tea. Add milk and water to the beverages.

Presenting the food in buffet-style will help you keep the main table elegant, as it will otherwise be cluttered with a large number of dishes.

Games and Fun

During a tea party, all of the guests will be sharing a table. Selecting appropriate music and games will help everyone break the ice.

The music should be silent and relaxing. Instrumental music and jazz are appropriate since the guests will be able to hold a conversation while enjoying the pleasant background.

When it comes to games, you have a number of options. Trivia quizzes can be very fun. Select popular topics and draft questions. Distribute pen and paper so that all guests can answer.

Another intriguing game will help the ladies get to know each other. Let everyone introduce themselves. The introduction should contain one true statement and one lie. The other guests will have to find out which statement is right and which one is wrong.
You can select many other games that are appropriate for a table gathering. Make sure that the games encourage interaction and will get the guests acquainted with each other.

A bridal shower tea party is refined without being boring. Its main emphasis is conversation. This type of bridal shower will certainly help guests relax and have fun with the bride-to-be.

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