Bridal tea invitation ideas

You have decided to host a tea party bridal shower. Tea gatherings are traditional, giving women the chance to interact and to have fun in each other’s company.

Now that you know what the theme will be, you are ready to start working on the invitations. You have many options when it comes to bridal tea invitations. Just like the event, they need to be delicate and beautiful.

Pastel shades and slender visuals can be used to create a very beautiful piece that will be informative and memorable at the same time. You will have to discover the balance between information and the use of visuals. A tea party is a pleasant theme giving you significant freedom in terms of invitation wording and design.


The basics come first. Your invitation needs to contain some specifics that will make it serve its purpose.

Add the bride’s name, the date and time when the bridal shower will be held and the venue. If the venue is difficult to find, you could add directions.

The visuals will state what the bridal shower theme is but adding a note about it is a good idea, as well.

Include RSVP information and the date by which guests need to confirm. Additional information that can be included involves the dress code, bridal tea activities and gifts.

Invitation Tone

A tea party is classy and relaxed. Make sure that the invitation projects the same sentiments.

The tone of the invitation needs to be casual, relaxing and stylish at the same time. A tea party is a gathering of fine ladies. This delicacy and elegance needs to be obvious in the words you select and the design of the invitation.

A simple font can set the mood. Select words that are elongated and thin. Italic fonts are appropriate, as well, but you need to use those sparingly. Italic letters or handwritten words could be difficult to read.

Invitation Visuals

Use visuals and colors to make the bridal tea invitation even more special.

You do not have to use the typical dark letters on a light background. Use pastel shades but the words could be in color other than grey or black. Just make sure that the text is easy to read.

When it comes to visuals, you have many options. You can add a tea set, a tea pot, cupcakes, a lady serving tea, a beautiful garden table or a gathering of ladies having tea to the invitation.

A single flower on a light background will also speak of delicacy and femininity.

Your invitation can be one sided, or it can have a front and a back. If you decide to print on both sides of it, you can print the lead visual on the front and all of the important bridal tea information on the back of the invitation. Keep the background colors the same to add uniformity. For better results, try to have a visual occurring on both the front and the back of the invitation.

A bridal tea party is a nice theme that gives you freedom in terms of designing the invitation. Remember to state what the theme is all about so that the guests know what to expect. Use your creativity to come up with something beautiful and original that corresponds to the party idea.

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