Bridal Shower Centerpieces for Tables

Bridal shower centerpieces for tables are traditional decorative items that add to the charm and atmosphere of the party. In fact, the centerpiece is a must, if you are a perfectionist when it comes to party planning. The centerpiece can be made of nearly any material that you can think of. What matters is that the centerpiece remains a consistent and integral part of your decoration efforts.

The most traditional bridal shower centerpieces are made of flowers. Still, you have various options. Getting creative and mixing items to make amazing centerpieces is perfectly acceptable.

Candle Centerpieces
Candle centerpieces are very effective in terms of creating romantic atmosphere. You can either purchase those or make the candles yourself. Making candles is in fact much simpler than it appears to be.

One beautiful candle in the center of the table is an amazing option. Jelly wax candles in transparent containers look fancy and stylish. You can make those yourself, using wine or champagne glasses.

To make the centerpiece, you can use other materials to turn the candlesticks into decorative items. Sea-shell decorations are excellent if you are organizing the bridal shower during the summer or if its central theme is the beach.

You can also use pebbles, feathers, glass and flowers.

Flowers and Potted Plant Centerpieces
Flower centerpieces for the bridal shower table are a classic. They look stylish, elegant and sophisticated.

When making floral centerpieces, pick colors that correspond to the other decorations. If the decorations are white, go for lilies or white roses. You can also select a contrasting color but make sure that the shade of the flowers fits smoothly into the overall atmosphere.

You can also use potted flowers to be different and to create more intriguing centerpieces. In this instance, you can decorate the pot to add some glitter to each table.

The Bridal Shower Cake
If you have a single large table, you can use the bridal shower cake itself as the centerpiece. The cake is probably a work of art that you would want to display. If you have many other decorations, some of its charm will be lost.

Think about the design, if you have decided to use the cake as a centerpiece. Make sure that it expresses the emotions you want to share with all the guests. Remember that the cake can be minimalist and simple, yet contributing perfectly to the atmosphere.

Balloon Centerpieces
Balloons will also make perfect table centerpieces. You can either make arrangements or have clusters in the middle of each table.

The balloons should correspond to other party colors. Clusters can either be monochromatic or coming in two or three shades. A balloon cluster is more casual and jolly, adding a sense of comfort and friendliness to the room.

Table centerpieces come in many shapes and sizes. They can be romantic or avant-garde. Make sure that you explore several options before you choose the final one. Try to take the preferences of the bride-to-be into consideration. If she likes romantic and traditional items, refrain from going too abstract. Keep it simple and stylish for best results.

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