Surprise Bridal Shower

Even though the invasion of modern technology in every aspect of our lives has considerably raised the bar of difficulty to keep surprises because nearly everyone is aware of what is going on around the globe, that still does not mean you cannot throw a great surprise bridal shower party that is bound to be special and memorable. Here are some useful tips and ideas that you can take into consideration when you are planning to throw a surprise bridal shower party.

When you are planning to host a surprise bridal shower party, your first priority should be constructing a proper guests list. The absence of guests will only serve to derail the festive mood and spirit. Make sure to send proper invitations to the guests with an RSVP so that you can possess the knowledge regarding who will attend. Your invitations should also clearly state or mention that it is a surprise bridal shower party so that the guests do not mention it to the bride-to-be and spoil the fun and surprise that is generally associated with a surprise bridal shower party.

The next step in planning the surprise bridal shower party is zeroing in on a date. Even though it may sound relatively simple compared to other components, this is can prove to be somewhat tricky and stressful. This is because, more than anything, you have to make sure that the bride herself will be able to attend the surprise bridal shower party without letting her know anything. You can speak to her close family members or fiancé regarding this and without appearing to be too nosy, you can check out her calendar, date book or diary to view her free dates.

When you are planning this wonderful and marvelous bridal shower party, your next priority is ensuring that the bride is occupied so that she doesn’t suspect anything fishy or gets too nosy. During wedding time, a bride generally feels the need for being pampered so if she has nothing to do or not in good company, she may start to suspect about the little surprise. However, in your quest to keep the bride occupied, do not overdo it as this might make the bride somewhat suspicious. If the bride is occupied and being pampered to, she really just won’t feel the need to care if anything is going on or not.  However, all this have to be done subtly to ensure that she becomes aware that she is being kept away.

The last and perhaps the most important step in planning a successful surprise bridal shower party is to ensure that no one talks about it anywhere near the confines of the bride. This is very important because if someone just tattletales to the bride, then the whole surprise bridal shower party will literally go up in flames. Make sure you personally speak with everyone, including the guests that you have sent invitations to agree to not at all talk about it and keep it a surprise.

By simply using the tips and ideas mentioned here, you are certain to plan a memorable surprise bridal shower party that will leave a permanent impression on the bride’s heart.

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