The Best Bridal Shower Themes for the Spring

Spring is an amazing season of transformation and new beginning. The cold days are over and the sun is shining once again. Trees get covered in blossoms, the green grass makes its way to the surface. Spring is all about romance and love, it is all about nature’s awakening and the end of yet another winter.

This is probably the best month to organize a bridal shower in. The weather will be warm enough, permitting you to take the party outside. At the same time, you have many flowers to choose among and to use in the decorations.

Make use of all the spring opportunities and select the best party theme that corresponds to the season and its atmosphere.

Garden Bridal Shower
Hold the bridal shower in a garden or a park. The greenery and the gentle breeze will create enough of a party atmosphere.

Use projectors in the grass or lanterns hanging on the branches of the trees. Have small tables available for guests to have a sit and to interact with each other. Pick finger foods and salads, which are perfect for the season.

If the garden is covered in flowers, you will have your very own natural decorations. Use flower centerpieces for the tables and candles to add to the enchanting atmosphere of your bridal shower.

Spring Flowers Bridal Shower
Dedicate the bridal shower to the beauty of spring flowers. Whether you hold the party indoor or outdoor, get everything covered in flowers.

The biggest asset of spring flowers is that they are very gentle, pastel in color and providing a delicate fragrance.

You can choose among tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and primroses. Make table centerpieces out of these flowers and use them for the creation of favors. You can even set a dress code, asking guests to pick outfits in spring colors – pink, pastel blue, red or pale violet.

Use the fragrance as the highlight of the party. Be careful, however, overdoing it could turn the aroma into something too obtrusive and even unpleasant. Make sure that the room gets ventilated occasionally, in case you are holding the bridal shower indoor.

Picnic-Themed Bridal Shower
Select a garden for the location of this bridal shower and have an improvised picnic of your own.

Use blankets and picnic baskets to set the right mood. Make sure that you pick a sunny day, since the grass could be wet otherwise.

Finger foods will be most appropriate for this type of bridal shower. You can certainly have a cake positioned at a central table but keep all other foods simple and easy to consume. A complicated meal will make your guests feel uneasy.

Use the natural settings as your decorations. Spring is lush and colorful enough. Add some balloons and banners if you want to make the occasion extra-spectacular.

Spring is fun, romantic, warm and enchanting. These factors will help you organize a very beautiful and memorable bridal shower. Choose gentle colors, gentle scents and spring flowers. Celebrate femininity and love. Have fun with it and use the season to your advantage.

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