Something Blue Bridal Shower Theme

Something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new… Why not use this saying to create a bridal shower theme?

A blue-themed bridal shower will certainly be something head turning and unusual. Most people believe that red and pink are the two colors greatly associated to love and bridal showers. Surprise everyone by making it something striking and bold.

Something blue bridal shower themes give you the opportunity to make a statement. If you want this color to be focal, you will have to think out of the box when purchasing decorations and coming up with the menu. After all, how many blue colored foods can you think of?

Focus on the Color
When you are holding a something blue bridal shower, your focus should be on the color rather than the decorative items. Keep it simple and make it minimalist. Use the shade to set the mood.

Blue is a cool color that can be noticeable enough. Use it for the napkins, tableware, foods and centerpieces. A single blue candle can be sufficient, when you are putting it together.

White and blue are the two colors that go best together. Selecting another bright color will make it more difficult to create balance and to keep it stylish. Monochromatic decorations are another great idea.

Blue Food and Tableware
Blue food can be a challenge. After all, no naturally occurring blue foods can be found and the thought of blue meat is more likely to make you feel nauseated than hungry.

Still, if you want consistency in each aspect of the party, you have several options to choose among. Desserts and drinks are the easy parts. Cakes and cupcakes can benefit from blue icing. It certainly leaves the taste of sweets unaffected.

Blue martinis look good and classy. You can use blue curacao to change the shade of any mixed drink.

Other options include blue cheese, blueberries and foods treated with coloring. Spaghetti can easily acquire blue color. Be careful. If you get too carried away with coloring foods, you may affect the appetite of your guests.

Selecting appropriate tableware is far from complex. Blue china is available in most stores. You can even discover blue plates having patterns and ornaments that fit perfectly in your decoration plan.

Gift Wraps, Presents, Favors
Blue needs to spread to additional bridal shower items, as well.

Ask guests to wrap their presents in blue paper. Though this step is unnecessary, having consistency in terms of present wraps will make the party even more sophisticated.

Get the bridal shower favors colored blue, as well. Any item – a key chain, a box or a candle can come in blue. This part of the process will be relatively easy, in comparison to selecting blue foods.

If you have difficulties coming up with all-blue decorations, think of several highlights. You can have blue centerpieces and white tablecloths. Focusing on white foods in blue containers could work elegantly, as well.

Blue is bold and different. If you want to get unusual decorations and surprised responses – use that tone. Go all the way. Be bold and express avant-garde ideas. After all, blue is considered to be a masculine color. Prove that stereotype to be wrong and have fun making something eccentric.

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