Bridal Shower by Mail

In today’s world of globalization and limitless business and travel opportunities, close friends and dear relatives could be separated by hundreds of miles, even borders.

A bridal shower is an event that gives ladies invited to the wedding a chance to spend some quality time with the bride-to-be before the big day arrives. What happens, however, if these ladies live in different states, even different countries?

One option you can make use of is bridal shower by mail. Though this is rather uncommon, it can be executed in a polite and stylish manner. Here are the basics and the etiquette you should be aware of, if you plan on having a bridal shower by mail.

What is a Bridal Shower by Mail?
A bridal shower by mail is something symbolical, rather than the real event itself. It is designed to give people living far away a chance to contribute to the party and to congratulate the bride-to-be.

In essence, ‘guests’ receive an invitation saying that a bridal shower by mail will be held. In response, they can send a gift or a card that can be opened during the actual bridal shower.

This information makes it clear that bridal shower by mail wording needs to be very polite and friendly, since you otherwise risk getting people offended. This option should be chosen to make it easy for individuals to participate rather than to get them offended.

How to Send the Invitations?
Invitations for bridal shower by mail should be thought of very carefully. One wrong word or phrase will ruin the entire experience.

The invitation should explain why it would be impossible for an actual shower to take place. You can send the bridal shower favor alongside the invitation. It will act as a sign of respect and appreciation.

Guests cannot be asked directly to contribute gifts to a party that is not going to actually take place. The invitation could mention that any contribution or personal statement will be appreciated. The aim of the bridal shower by mail is to show these ladies that they are remembered and loved, rather than to ask for present sending.

Is That Option Rude?
Some people believe that a bridal shower by mail is a rude option – no party is taking place but you are nevertheless asking for gifts.

Modern technologies have given you some opportunity to fix the shortcomings of a bridal shower by mail. The easiest way to do that is to use internet and to establish video connection. Web cameras and the world of web will give ladies separated by distance a chance to spend some nice time together.

It is all about the manner in which you organize and announce the bridal shower. Careful wording and the right intentions will prevent the invitation from becoming rude. Think carefully before you mail anything.

Should You have a Bridal Shower by Mail?
Before you organize a bridal shower by mail, you should take some time to think whether you need this party at all.

Guests will be coming to the wedding anyways, so asking for two presents will be somehow redundant. If many guests are incapable of making it to the bridal shower, it will probably be wise to refrain from having one.

A bridal shower by mail is one option that you have and that you may decide to use. Having a bridal shower before the wedding is not mandatory and you can confidently skip this step if the untraditional option makes you feel uncomfortable.

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