Bridal Shower Recipe Poems

A bridal shower is all about having fun with that special bride-to-be. You probably want to make a great impression and you want to present your gift in a witty manner. Poems are one certain way to make your message stand out.

Wine and recipe poems are very appropriate for some types of bridal showers, especially if this is the theme. In case you are presenting the bride-to-be with a favorite recipe of yours, you can use rhyme and verses to turn it into something extra special.

A wine poem can accompany a wine gift basket and can be included in the card as something special, adding the finishing touch to the gift.
So, you really want to include a poem but you lack inspiration? The good news is that a simple web research will help you discover numerous appropriate and very witty poems. Read on to discover more about recipe and wine poems appropriate for a bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Recipe Poems

If recipes are the focus of the event, guests will receive recipe cards alongside the invitation.

The aim of recipe cards is to give each guest a chance to share a favorite meal preparation technique with the bride-to-be. The card is usually accompanied by a funny poem that focuses on the bride’s lack of experience in the kitchen.

Some of the most commonly used recipe card poems include:

Enclosed for you is a recipe card.

To fill it in shouldn’t be hard.

(name of bride) might like to try your favorite cake,

or whatever it is you like to make.

So don’t forget this card on this special date.

Fill it in now, don’t hesitate.

At the shower will be a recipe box to fill.

So bring this recipe card, if you will.

(name of bride) needs some help cause she’s not a cook,

So with your help, we’ll make her a book.

Please bring a recipe along with your present,

So all of their meals will be very pleasant.

(name of the bride) will be grateful,

The stove’s not her thing…

and (name of groom) will get meals that are fit for a King!

If its not too hard

Please find a card

For a recipe to share

So (name of groom) can bear

Cooking from his wife

Whom he’s entrusting with his life!

There is a recipe card inside

It’s blank as you will see

To write a recipe, true & tried

For the Bride and Groom to be

When written down please send it back

Or bring it on the day

So the pair can make the stack

Of meals to come their way

It should be funny, simple and very positive. The aim of this poem is not to ridicule the bride-to-be but to inspire guests to try hard on finding suitable recipes. If you want to, you can come up with your own poems or with another creative way to provoke guests.

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