Bridal Shower Punch Ideas and Recipes

The bridal shower punch is an excellent idea that many organizers utilize. The numerous varieties of punches available make them suitable for nearly every occasion. Still, you will have to do some menu planning before you decide if the punch is an appropriate drink for the bridal shower you are throwing.

The punch can even be the highlight of your buffet but it has to be chosen carefully and tastefully. An alcoholic punch is certainly not the best idea for an early afternoon party.

Choose the Punch Carefully
Before thinking about recipes, you need to decide on the presence of the punch on the table and its exact type.

Choose a punch that enhances the party theme. If you are having a beach-themed bridal shower, you can select a more exotic, alcoholic punch. The color of the drink itself can be contributing to the bridal shower theme and the decorations you have picked.

Decide whether you want to have an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic punch. The best way to approach the issue is to have both types available. Some guests might be unwilling or unable to consume alcoholic drinks.

The glasses you serve the punch in will also enhance the appeal of the party. Pick the ones that correspond well to the theme.

Make the Punch Yourself
One of the best aspects of punch drinks is that you can easily make the punch yourself without needing the services of a professional catering company.

Discovering a new recipe that will surprise your guests could be challenging but you will also have fun exploring all options and experimenting on your own. Some of the best recipes are born out of experimentation. Be bold enough to mix new ingredients and if you are happy with the outcome, you can confidently serve the punch.

Pick a nice punch bowl. Your punch can be the centerpiece of each table, acting as a decoration and a refreshing drink at the same time.

Some Punch Recipe Ideas
1. Champagne Punch
A very nice alcoholic punch can be made with some champagne. This punch is very refreshing and moderately sweet, which makes it suitable for hot weather.

To make the punch, you will need a can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate, a can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, one bottle of white wine, one bottle of sparkly water, 2 liters of champagne, a lime and some fresh mint for garnish. These amounts are sufficient for one bowl and you can decide on the quantities for the party.

Get a large punch bowl and mix the frozen concentrates with the wine, sparkly water and champagne. Make sure that all the ingredients are chilled well. Cut the lime in slices and add it together with the mint leaves.

2. Caribbean Punch
If you are into rum, you can make a Caribbean Punch. This recipe is traditional, though you are free to modify it to meet your own preferences.

The ingredients you will need include a cup of freshly squeezed lime juice, three cups of rum, four cups of orange juice, two cups of pineapple juice and ice cubes.

Once again, you will need a large punch bowl. Mix all of the ingredients and make sure that the punch is chilled well before you serve it.

3.Non-Alcoholic Party Punch
This punch is good if you want to have an alcohol-free alternative to the other drinks. To make it, you will need 3 cups of orange juice, two cups of pineapple juice, the juice of two lemons, one lemon for decorations, one orange, ice cubes.

Mix the juices in a punch bowl. If you have a preference for one type of fruit juice over the other, you can modify the ratio. Cut the lemon and the orange and get those in the bowl, as well. Add the ice cubes and serve.

4. Strawberry Punch
This punch is sweeter and denser. It is a great diversification from the citrus-based and fresher punches that are traditionally served.

The ingredients you will need include two cups of frozen strawberries, two cups of sparkly water, fresh strawberries, one cup of orange juice, three tablespoons of strawberry jam, ice cubes.

Use a blender to turn the frozen strawberries, strawberry jam and ice into a puree. Add the orange juice and sparkly water. Cut the fresh strawberries and use those to decorate the punch bowl.

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