Bridal shower prayers

A bridal shower prayer is a tradition that has managed to somehow lose popularity. These gatherings often focus on the fun aspect, neglecting traditions and well-established practices.

Usually, the hostess is the person responsible for saying the prayer. She can also select somebody else to deliver it before the meal is served. A prayer is a wonderful practice that adds a degree of spirituality to the bridal shower.

This is what you will have to do, in case you want to have a prayer at the bridal shower.

Why is the Prayer Important?

Most people are religious in one manner or another. The percentage of atheists remains small. All these people address God in some way or another.

A prayer is one of the oldest Christians methods to ask God for help and support. What could be more appropriate than asking God to protect the young family? It will fit perfectly into any bridal shower theme.

Make sure that all guests are comfortable with the prayer. Once you do that, you will have to think of the person responsible for saying it and of the exact wording of the prayer.

What Should the Prayer Focus On?

Even if you perform an online search, you will have difficulties discovering prayers that have been created especially for bridal showers. This fact will only confirm the claim that prayers are somehow neglected.

A bridal shower prayer should differ from a traditional prayer before having a meal. This is a special occasion and the words need to address it.

The bride-to-be and her new life as wife are the focus of the bridal shower. The prayer should be targeted towards her, asking God to provide her with the wisdom needed for a woman to take care of her family.

A prayer can be basically anything. It can ask God to protect the bride and her groom, to grant them a cloudless future and to be their support through life’s difficulties and obstacles.

The good news is that when coming up with a prayer, you are not forced to follow specific rules. You have to feel the prayer and you have to open up your heart. Ask God for everything that you would want your friend to have in the future.

If you feel uneasy about improvising, you can write the prayer in advance. Study it and remember the main points so that you could recreate it effortlessly during the bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Prayer Samples

This sample can be all used as they are or you could modify this prayer to correspond to your specific situation:

Lord, we thank you for the blessing of friendship and family. We thank you for love and for the special occasion that has brought us here. Thank you for the soul mate (bride’s name) has discovered in the face of (groom’s name). May they always be happy, supportive to each other and in love.

Lord, please protect them and help them overcome life’s obstacles. Keep (bride’s name) and (groom’s name) healthy and strong. Give them the wisdom to accept and love each other and to create a happy family.

Thank you, Lord, for this special celebration we are sharing with friends and loved ones. Please Lord, stay in our hearts and light our way.


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