Bridal Shower Pool Party

The pool party is fresh and great. It helps create some very unique atmosphere that can be achieved in no other way.

A bridal shower pool party will look great and will give guests that special sentiment of summer, love and romance. It is one of the most attractive and easy to implement bridal shower themes.

What does it take to hold a pool bridal shower? You will have to think about the venue, decorations, food and entertainment. Keeping all these aspects under control is a guarantee of success.

When to Hold a Pool Party?
A bridal shower pool party should definitely be held during the spring and when you are expecting fair weather. Cold months and rainy nights should have you scheduling some other type of bridal shower.

Even if you hold the party during the summer, you should be prepared for rain or other unexpected weather conditions. Having a garden tent or any other type of shelter available demonstrates good planning.

The pool party can be relaxed or a bit more elegant. This makes it suitable for nearly any type of gathering. You can make it a small, intimate party or you can turn it into a grand event that involves the bride-to-be’s acquaintances and colleagues.

Food and Drink Selection
The theme supposes certain food and drinks selection. Choose those to correspond to the freshness and energy of the bridal shower pool party.

Have at least several fresh salads available for the needs of guests. Fruit and vegetable platters are another great, summertime idea. Keep it healthy and delicious. Fresh fruits and vegetables look good, which will help you in terms of decorating the buffet.

Desserts should be kept light and delicious, as well. Fruit salads, tarts and a beautiful bridal shower cake will do just great.

Your drink selection should be larger and more diversified. Fresh juices, soda, water and cocktails have to be available. You can even hire a professional bartender, who will provide attractive cocktail mixing demonstrations.

Set the Mood: Music and Decorations
Pool parties are usually hot and very fun. To achieve that emotion, you will have to work extra hard on decorations and activities.

Pick tablecloths and decorative items in bright colors that look jolly and optimistic. Beautiful blue and bright yellow are two great options that will remind people of the beach and summertime romance.

You can also focus on flowers. Have table centerpieces made of flowers and pebbles. These fresh decorations enhance the outdoor theme. Candles everywhere will make the party even more romantic and splendid.

Music selection will play a role when it comes to setting the mood. Choose summertime hits and songs that are dynamic and that will stimulate people to dance and have a good time. Music selection is tremendously important. It can either make or break a party.

A bridal shower pool party is easy and fun to organize. Choose your favorite colors and decorations. Make use of the outdoor surroundings and think about the party mood you want to achieve. Enjoy putting it together and guests will then enjoy the atmosphere, as well.

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