How to plan a bridal shower

A bridal shower that will be remembered requires serious planning. Preparations should start several weeks in advance so that everything is perfect once the big day arrives.

Planning and organization affect each aspect of the event. You need to have an idea about every detail in order to host a successful bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Budget

Once you know that you will be the person hosting the bridal shower, you will have to decide on the budget that you will be spending on the party.

Have an idea about the resources that you have available. Make a list of everything that needs to be purchased: food, drinks, decorations, favors.

If the budget is insufficient, you will have to modify some of the bridal shower aspects in order to achieve the best price to quality ratio.

Guest List

The guest list is the second important thing you need to consider.

The list of guests is typically discussed with the bride-to-be. Bridal showers are usually small events and the number of people invited should reflect that fact.

Invite only best friends and closest relatives – sisters and cousins. Try to keep the atmosphere intimate. It might be difficult to achieve if you invite very different people who have little in common.

You should also be careful about larger gatherings that usually include people who are unfamiliar with each other. Guests could either see this as an opportunity to get acquainted with new people or they could be entirely uncomfortable with the situation.

Bridal Shower Theme and Decorations

The next aspect you need to work on is the bridal shower theme. You can either coordinate this with the bride-to-be or keep it a surprise.

Make sure that you select a theme that she would love and that would make the other ladies feel comfortable. If the group is more conservative, it will be inappropriate to come up with something eccentric and wild.

When you decide on the theme, begin planning the manners in which you will achieve the right atmosphere.

Decoration selection is a lengthy process. Try to dedicate significant amount of time to it. You will need even more time if you decide to use homemade decorations.

Bridal Shower Menu

The menu needs perfect planning. You have to achieve a balance in terms of food and beverage diversity and in terms of quantity.

Try to accommodate the needs and preferences of people invited to the bridal shower. If you have guests with special needs or medical conditions, you will have to make sure that the food is appropriate.

Think carefully about the quantities to purchase. If the food ends too soon, the party will be ruined. You would not want to be left with large quantities of food, either.

Other Bridal Shower Planning Considerations

You need to consider activities that will keep the guests entertained. The games to be played have to correspond to the party theme and to be accessible and fun for everyone.

Think about appropriate activities and the items that you will have to purchase in connection to those. Make sure that you have several options and a backup plan in case any of the ladies invited feels uneasy with the original suggestions.

Bridal shower favors will also be your responsibility. You can make those or buy them. Whatever you decide, the favors need to be personalized and corresponding to the theme of the event.

You have many important details to keep in mind. Planning in advance will help you deal with all issues, including problems and emergencies. Start working on the shower at least several weeks earlier so that you have enough time to work out each aspect of it.

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