Bridal shower menu suggestions

Organizing a bridal shower will have you making various important choices. The selection of food and beverages is probably the most important one. Guests who enjoy the food will have fun and will find it easier to socialize than those who try to hide their dislike and disappointment with the selection.

The bridal shower menu needs to be diverse and attractive. You will have to take into consideration the special needs of some guests and you will also have to keep it relevant to the theme. Sounds difficult but you can use several simple ideas and suggestions to come up with the best bridal shower menu.

Go With the Theme

The easiest way to come up with a bridal shower menu is to go with the theme. If the theme of the event is Italy, the meals could include spaghetti, lasagna and pizza. Red wines and fruit juices go well with such foods.

An afternoon party will demand a very different menu. Appetizers, salads and cakes will be most appropriate for such bridal showers.

If the theme is beach-related, you will need to focus on sandwiches, salads, fruits and cocktails.
Try to select foods that go well with the theme and that apart from being tasty will add something to the bridal shower atmosphere. Foods will also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to decorate, thus making the buffet table an important aspect of the party.

Homemade or purchased?

Another choice you will have to make is whether to cook the food yourself or to buy it. Each option has its pros and cons.

Buying foods will let you enjoy a wide range of professionally created meals. You have endless opportunities but you will need to spend more.

Homemade foods provide you with the chance to shine with your cooking and decoration skills. You can experiment, modify recipes and select the meals that are most appropriate. Preparing the meals yourself, however, will be time consuming.

You can take the best aspects of both options. Purchase salads and appetizers and create the main course yourself.

Tea Party, Lunch or Dinner

If you are holding a tea party, focus on small sandwiches, cookies, coffee, tea, fruit juices and fruits.

Lunch provides you with the option to serve a main course. Select this one on the basis of the bridal shower theme. The same applies to a dinner party, though its main emphasis could be cocktails.

Afternoon parties are more leisurely and the food reflects on that fact. Sandwiches, salads, all types of appetizers, cupcakes and fruits are all appropriate.

Try to keep the menu relevant to both the theme and the time of the day when the bridal shower is held.

Surprise the Guests

Apart from surprising the guests through the decorations and selection of games and activities, you can surprise them through the selection of foods.

Turn the bridal shower into a culinary experience. Select some untraditional type of cuisine – Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian or Indian. Get the other ladies acquainted with something new and intriguing.

You can also host a wine tasting event. For the aim, you might need a sommelier, who will show everybody how wine is tasted and what the main differences are.

Most importantly, remember to have fun with the selection and preparation of food. A bridal shower is a wonderful, intimate event that everyone should enjoy. Pick the foods that feel right and have fun making or buying those.

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