How to select a bridal shower menu

The selection of a bridal shower menu plays a major role. Guests will frequently turn to the buffet for another drink or a little appetizer.

Selecting the most appropriate menu depends on a number of factors. You will have to take into consideration the available budget, the type of party and the preferences of the guests. Achieving a balance could be difficult in such situations.

Think carefully about the theme of the bridal shower and the people who are invited. Keeping these in mind will facilitate the process of selecting the most appropriate beverages and meals.

Keep the Bridal Shower Theme in Mind

The theme of the bridal shower is the first aspect you have to consider when selecting the menu.

Is the party going to have a Hawaiian or an oriental theme? Would it be beach-themed or dedicated to love and romance?

The meals have to correspond to the theme. If the bridal shower is having an oriental theme, you can go for Arabic and Turkish cuisine.

Select meals and drinks that will help you transform the place. Food is very potent in terms of setting the mood and affecting the ambiance. A perfectly selected menu will impress bridal shower guests and will show them what the theme is all about.


When selecting the foods, you will have to consider the available budget, as well.

If you have insufficient funds, you might think about making some of the meals yourself or keeping the menu simpler than you would like it to be. A bridal shower is connected to a number of expenses and you will have to prioritize the most important ones.

Food and drinks can cost a lot. Plan it carefully and know what you need and how much of it will be sufficient.

Take into Consideration the Needs of Guests

The bridal shower menu has to be balanced. When selecting meals, take into consideration the needs and special preferences of guests.

If you have vegetarians or people with diabetes coming to the party, you will have to add food options appropriate for them.

Try to offer a diversity of meals. The fact that you adore salads does not signify that all of the ladies at the party will be into them. You need a few appetizers, some salads, a meatless meal and desserts.

The same applies to the selection of beverages. Try to offer a medley that will satisfy all tastes.

Lunch, Dinner or Tea Party?

When will the bridal shower be held? This will affect the menu selection, as well.

If you are hosting a lunch party, you should probably have one or two main courses available. In case it is a tea party, you can rely on coffee, tea, desserts and cakes.

Dinner parties can be leisurely and featuring salads, sandwiches and appetizers. Make sure that the menu is right for the time of the day when the bridal shower is held.

Sufficient Quantities

Having sufficient quantities of food is probably the most important aspect to consider.

The party will be ruined if you run out of food or beverages in the middle of it. On the other hand, having excessive quantities will leave you with tons of food once the bridal shower is over.

Try to make a preliminary calculation based on the number of people and the expected duration of the party. Knowing how much to purchase or make is just as important as knowing what types of foods to get for the bridal shower.

Pick the menu carefully. Making this decision is difficult since everyone has a specific desire in terms of food. Achieving balance is of crucial importance. Try to predict what guests would want and enjoy. This is the best way to make the right choices.

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