Making your own bridal shower invitations

You have decided to create the bridal shower invitations yourself. This is a great idea but how do you get started?

Making bridal shower invitations is easy. You naturally have to follow the etiquette but doing it yourself will provide you with the option to be as creative as you want to be.

Keep the Theme in Mind

You can start creating your bridal shower invitations once you have decided on the party’s theme.

The design and images that you choose for the invitation will have to hint at the theme and provide the guests with more information about the event they are just about to attend.

The style you select will also have to correspond to the group of guests. If these are the bride’s closest friends, you will be given the liberty to experiment. In case the group includes relatives and coworkers, the invitation style will have to be more formal.

Getting Started

When you decide on making the invitations yourself, you will have to get involved in some planning.

Try to sketch the invitation as you are imagining it. What shape will it have? Are you going to use photos or pictures in the design? Or maybe you would like the invitation to feature a ribbon or another artistic element?

Make sure that you select the appropriate visuals and the right font for the invitations. The letters have to be beautiful and simultaneously readable enough so that guests are able to grasp all important information effortlessly.

What Information Should the Invitation Include?

The invitation needs to contain several important bits of information.

Make sure that the guests know what the invitation is all about. Include the name of the event, of the bride-to-be and the groom. Point out the date and the venue.

If you have selected a specific theme, it will be a good idea to inform guests about it. This way, they will be prepared for the event and the activities involved. In case you plan on having a dress code for the bridal shower, list that information on the invitation.

You can also include suggestions about gifts. This will make the task for all guests much easier. Finally, add RSVP info.

Design and Printing

When designing the invitation, you have two options. It can either be handmade or designed using a computer. Both options are perfectly acceptable. You will have to think which design fits better into the theme.
Another option is to print the information on the invitation and add the visuals by hand. It can be a sketch or a colorful collage. The design can basically be anything that you can imagine.

If you decide on using the computer to design the invitations, you can confidently print those at home. The quality of paper that you select is important. Try to select thicker and heavier paper that will not bend or tear apart easily. Colored or patterned paper will make the invitation more intriguing and unusual.

Make sure that the invitation is the right mixture of art and useful information. Apart from being charming, it has to let everyone know about the event, the venue and the theme. Unleash your creativity but remember to prioritize the practical function that the invitation has.

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