How to Make Your Own Bridal Shower Favors

Many people today enjoy experimenting with the creation of gifts and favors on their own. The truth is that such items hold more meaning and symbolism than the object that can be purchased from any store.

It is easy to make your own bridal shower favors. The most important aspect of the process is to come up with an idea. Once you do that, you can research the creation techniques and start purchasing the materials needed.
When it comes to do-it-yourself bridal shower favors, the options are countless. Give it a try and you will discover how enjoyable the process is.

Jewelry, Key Chains and Fridge Magnets

Pieces of jewelry are actually really easy to make on your own. You can effortlessly create unique necklaces and earrings that carry the colors of the bridal shower decorations.

For the aim, decide on the design. The materials you can use include copper wire, semi-precious stones, beads, sea shells and other tiny items that can be turned into accessories. Copper wire is suitable since the material is very malleable and easy to work with.

You will solely need a pair of pincers to shape the wire. Consider getting some universal glue – it will help you fix the semi-precious stones in their positions. An alternative to wire is ribbon – it can be used in the creation of beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

You can easily make key chains and fridge magnets on your own. Virtually anything can be turned into a key chain, as long as you get a link attached to it.

Video Clips

How about giving each guest a videotaped message from the bride-to-be? Distribute special CDs or DVDs that contain a fun movie.

You can have the bride-to-be addressing each individual guest by videotaping the message. It takes a little bit of editing and computer skills to turn the recording into a movie.

Apart from recording a message, you can videotape the bride’s wedding preparations and turn this into a very enjoyable clip. Adding subtitles and background music will make it more movie-like. Such video editing is basic and easy to learn. You can also get someone to help you with the process.

Pamper Your Guests

Homemade cosmetic products and specially made bridal shower containers will be another amazing favor that all ladies will have fun with.

You can easily make homemade lotions, scrubs or masks. These look pretty and the container you place them in can be additionally decorated.

To put together a cleansing body lotion suitable for all types of skin, you will need two tablespoons of almonds, two tablespoons of milk, half a spoon of flour and one tablespoon of honey. Get the almonds finely crushed. It will be best if you manage to turn them into powder. Add the milk, flour and honey. Mix until you get a homogenous lotion. Pour into the bottles you have selected and get those decorated.

You can search for other recipes online. Homemade hair and body care products are organic and very efficient. Take some time to get acquainted with the most popular ingredients and the techniques use in the creation of these.

Making bridal shower favors on your own will get you actively involved in the process. You will have fun while getting the chance to test your creativity. Look for inspiration from catalogs and stores and then try to recreate the favors on your own.

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