Bridal shower luncheon menu ideas

Luncheons are very informal bridal shower parties, which usually bring together close friends and relatives of the bride-to-be.

Such gatherings are truly unpretentious. The decorations are simpler and the main aim of the event is socialization. Foods offered at a luncheon bridal shower should also remain unpretentious but very tasty.

A luncheon menu is easy to come up with. Follow certain basic tips and ideas to select the most appropriate foods.

Keep It Buffet-Style

A buffet-styled menu is the most appropriate option for a luncheon bridal shower. Having guests walking around and savoring the foods will make them talk to each other, get acquainted to new people and reconnect.

The foods should be light and suitable for consumption after a main meal like a lunch. Fresh fruits and vegetables, finger foods and salads are all appropriate for a luncheon bridal shower party.

Add a cake as the most impressive menu piece. It can be served with tea or coffee as the party approaches its climax.

Finger Sandwiches

A diversity of finger sandwiches is appropriate for a luncheon bridal shower.

To make the sandwiches healthier, use wholegrain bread. It is tasty and liked by both people who enjoy all kinds of foods and those on diets.

The fillings of finger sandwiches could contain many types of ingredients. Ham and cheese is probably the most popular option. Other fillings include egg salad, tuna, a medley of cheeses, roast beef or salmon.

Finger sandwiches can be decorated so that each type is differentiated from the others. Apart from being useful, this decision will make the buffet even more eye catching.

Salads and Platters

Salads are also appropriate luncheon menu ideas.

Have several salads available for your guests.

Caesar salad is a very popular option. So is Caprese salad – a fine mixture of ripe tomatoes, mozzarella and basil dressing. It is a light and delicious luncheon salad.

All types of lettuce salads will do fine. A basic salad could be made more intriguing through the addition of tuna or bleu cheese.

You can also add Russian and Greek salads to the buffet. Have at least two salads but the more options you offer guests, the better your bridal shower will be. Try to keep amounts rational so that the food is sufficient and that you are not left with large amounts after the party ends.

Platters can also be excellent luncheon ideas. Have cheese platters, a ham platter and a vegetable platter.

Luncheon Cake

The best dessert idea is a bridal shower cake. Apart from being tasty and loved by most, the cake will help you enhance your decorations.

Etiquette today has moved a long way from the early days of bridal showers. You have relative freedom when it comes to the selection of the cake. Pick a flavor that the bride-to-be likes.

The decorations can be personalized or related to the theme of the party. Use the icing and decorative figures to turn the cake into a work of art.

A luncheon bridal shower gives you numerous opportunities in terms of foods. Offer something delicious alongside something healthy. The menu should be a fine mix of appetizers, salads and sweets. You can include quiche as another popular and loved option.

Luncheon foods are simple and very tasty. Whether you purchase or make the meals at home, you will certainly achieve success through the creation of a splendid luncheon bridal shower menu.

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