Bridal Luncheon Invitation Ideas

A luncheon is an event that can be small or large, intimate or gathering a group of different individuals.

The manner in which you decide to organize the luncheon will also determine what types of invitations will be appropriate. A luncheon is probably one of the most multi-faced bridal shower ideas. This fact gives you large diversity in terms of design and the choice of words for the bridal luncheon invitation.

Naturally, the invitation will have to correspond to the mood and party atmosphere. The rest is very much up to you and your imagination.

Information to Include

Remember that the main aim of the invitation is to be informative. Creativity comes in second. The most important task is to let the guests know what is happening and when it will take place.

Make sure to include the name of the bride-to-be and the fact that a bridal luncheon will be held. Include the venue, date, time and name of the hostess. RSVP information, dress code and gift information should be presented, in case it is applicable.

The tone does not have to be overly sophisticated. A bridal luncheon does not call for large amounts of creativity, either. This is probably the most common event and you can follow traditions when it comes to the invitation wording.

The Invitation Tone and Style

A luncheon can be casual or very official and classy. This decision has to be reflected in the invitation.

How many people will you be inviting to the luncheon? Is it going to be intimate or a large-scale event? Make sure that you answer these questions before choosing the invitation design, visuals and wording.

You have relative freedom when it comes to these types of invitations. Visuals are unlimited, so are colors and fonts to use. All that matters is keeping a connection between the invitation and the manner in which you picture the luncheon taking place.

Visuals and Color Selection

What images are appropriate for a bridal luncheon invitation? The fact is that you can use nearly any party-related, wedding-related or luncheon-related visual.

If the luncheon is going to be thematic, you can indicate that through the selection of the invitation image. In case the focus will be on oriental food, you can utilize symbols, letters or pictures that will remind people of distant places and exotic recipes.

Any image that is wedding-related will be appropriate, as well. A bouquet, a wedding dress or a beautifully arranged table will all look appropriate.

Select colors that correspond to the shades you have selected for the bridal shower decorations. This congruence will make all party aspects stylish and memorable. For even better results, you can pick the colors that the bride-to-be has selected for the wedding decorations.

Try to keep the number of colors limited. Use one color for the letters and one for the background. If you add a very colorful visual, you might prefer sticking to a black and white invitation.

A luncheon makes each type of invitation appropriate. Just make sure that the invitation describes the event well and that it is stylistically similar to the party you are organizing. There is no need for excessive creativity but if you have an original idea that seems to work well, you should go for it.

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