Ideas for Bridal Shower Locations

The bridal shower location will determine the success of the party as much as the decorations will. Some venues have a charm and an atmosphere of their own. This mood can rarely be recreated through the use of accessories.

The selection of the best location depends on both practical and aesthetic factors. The place should have the right size. It needs to be easily accessible and comfortable enough for guests to feel at ease.

How Many Guests?
The first question that you need to ask yourself is how many people will be attending the bridal shower. The number of guests will be determining both in terms of venue selection and menu.

The bridal shower location should be neither too large nor too small. A large, empty room will look threatening while too little space will spoil the fun.

In practical dimensions, try to find a place that can accommodate enough tables, as well as a buffet table and a place for games and activities to be held. People should be able to walk around effortlessly without pushing each other.

What Location will Correspond to the Theme?
The theme will also help you decide on the bridal shower location. A beach party will be most appealing if it is held at the beach. Naturally, a hall can be turned into a beach through the use of d├ęcor but staging the party close to the sea will add to its charm.

Select a venue that will help you make the theme come true. A tea party will look best in a beautiful, green garden. For a fancy lunch, you should probably pick a classy and elegant restaurant.

Privacy vs. Publicity?
The selection of the location will also depend on the type of exposure that you want for the bridal shower.

If you want to keep the party private and very intimate, you can select an apartment or the private room of a restaurant. Such intimacy will give guests a chance to relax and to have fun without being observed.

A night club or a bowling alley can also be suitable locations because of the facilities available there. These decisions will have to be taken on the basis of sentiment and preferences of the guests who will attend the event.

Bridal Shower Location: Indoors or Outdoors?
Weather conditions and the bridal shower theme will help you decide whether to pick an indoor or an outdoor location.

This decision will primarily depend on the season during which the bridal shower will be held. Cold weather will make an outdoor bridal shower quite unpleasant for everyone attending. The same applies to intense heat.

The advantage of indoor locations is that they can be decorated easily to look like a beach or a mountain hut. Outdoor venues possess natural decorations and set an authentic mood.

Each location can be used successfully to host a bridal shower. The manner in which the party unfolds depends on practical choices, the selection of decorations and the accessibility of the venue. It is all up to you. You can pick a restaurant, a private hall or a garden. All these locations are perfect, as long as you know what you want to achieve and how you want to make guests feel comfortable.

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