Lingerie Bridal Shower – Fun Theme Ideas

A lingerie-themed bridal shower can be exceptionally fun and attractive. It takes some planning and research since the theme might be considered inappropriate by some groups of people.

If you have decided on a lingerie theme, make sure you know the bride-to-be and her preferences well. You would certainly not want to turn her bridal shower into an embarrassing moment right before her wedding.

A lingerie-themed bridal shower is appropriate for younger groups of people. Naturally, the party should be a girls only event. You can turn it into a classy and romantic party by selecting the right decorations, invitations and bridal shower favors.

Decorations and Atmosphere
Select an appropriate venue for the bridal shower. It needs to give the group some privacy. A restaurant or a café could be inappropriate.

Use decorations wisely. They will have to speak of romance, femininity and classy sexiness. Decorations have to be lush, sleek and sophisticated.

Balloons could be inappropriate for a lingerie-themed bridal shower. Instead, go for candles and flowers. Scented candles will enhance the atmosphere. Pick feminine, flowery scents that are unobtrusive yet capable of setting the mood.

Lace and silk curtains will also be perfect for the occasion. Select luxury and romantic colors like pink, red and dark purple. Be careful when mixing colors and textures. If your emphasis is on texture, try to keep the colors modest.

Pick the right music. Your favorite love ballads will do just fine. It has to be very stylish and very sexy.

Guests should be able to find out what the theme is as soon as they get the invitations. Try to be creative and fun when conveying the theme through the information that guests will receive.

A beautiful graphic, for example a corset, in the bottom part of the invitation is a good and stylish option. Pick the same colors as the tones used for the bridal shower decorations. When it comes to font, you have many options. Italic fonts are delicate and feminine, just right for the occasion.

A lace frame is another good option. If you want to be bolder, cut the invitation itself in the form of a bra or another readily distinguishable piece of underwear. Provide guests with all the important information about the party, as well as about the gifts that will be most appropriate.

As the theme suggests, the focus in terms of gifts has to be on romance and femininity. To make it easier for the guests, include a list of good ideas alongside the invitation.

A lingerie-themed bridal shower is all about the luxury gifts that the bride would enjoy but would be never willing to purchase herself. Beautiful underwear, perfumes, jewelry and cosmetics are all suitable options.

Lingerie-themed bridal showers are all about girls having fun together. Plan each detail and think of fun games and activities. Unleash your imagination and be creative when decorating the venue. Focus on romance and make it a classy and fun event for the bride-to-be and her closest people.

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