Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

A bridal shower invitation is something important to consider while organizing the party. It gives guests important information about the event, the theme, the level of formality and the type of event they are about to attend.

Invitation wording plays important role in delivering this message. You are probably already looking for samples and thinking of the best ways in which to address the bridal shower guests.

Before you select the exact phrases to put on the invitations, you need to decide on the theme and the type of invitation you are going to work on. Do you want it to be traditional? Or maybe you would like a poetic approach? How about a funny invitation?

Decide on the tone and once you know how you want to address guests, you can start thinking about the specifics of the invitation wording. Here are some examples and ideas for invite wording.

Traditional Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

A traditional invitation is your safest choice. It answers the important questions without trying to be overly creative or hilarious. These examples of traditional bridal shower invitation wording will help you get started. Naturally, you can modify them to make the invitations more personalized and occasion-specific.

“Please join (bride’s name) for a special event before her big day.

Shower her with love and affection on (date) at (time and venue).

Kindly RSVP by (date and contact info).

Bring in your good mood and (anything that will be needed to correspond to the theme).

Hosted by (name and contact info of the hostess.”

You can also use the following:

“You are invited to a bridal shower dedicated to (bride’s name)

The shower will take place on (date) at (time and venue).

Please RSVP attendance to (name) at (phone number and e-mail)

Please note that (bride) is registered at (stores).

Looking forward to sharing this very special day with you.”

Funny Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Traditional is not your cup of tea. The guests are young, enthusiastic and in possession of a sense of humor. If you want the invitation to be fresh and attractive, make the wording funny:

Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.

Let us celebrate (bride’s name) insanity!

You are invited to shower her with love and affection on (date) at (time).

Bring in your good mood, good memories and party attitude.

Kindly RSVP to (name of contact) at (phone number).

Hosted by (name and contact information of hostess).”

If you are into it, you can create a fun bridal shower invitation poem yourself. Here are just few examples:

Spices, detergents and gadgets galore,

You have several dozen

But could always use just one more!

If you could bring

Just one of these,

Our bride-to-be

You would surely please.

Wrap it in tissue paper

But your name do not tell!

And she’ll love your little something

Given to wish her well!

The time has come to celebrate,

(bride’s name) soon-to-be wedded mate,

A few gifts, laughs and food,

We’ll all set the mood,

So don’t forget the date!

Romantic and Emotional Invitations

If you want to make the bridal shower invitation a really special one, you can use love quotes, sayings and poems to decorate it and turn it into a piece to remember. One option is to ask the bride about her favorite love poems or love song quotes. Or you can simply go online and research people’s favorite verses.

“In my life, I can see

That you were made for me

You’ll be there to catch me if I fall

All the days, I have prayed

And the love that I have saved

With this ring, I’m giving you my all

Join us to celebrate the love of (bride’s name) for (groom’s name)

We would love to share a special bridal shower with you.

Join us on (date) at (venue and time)

Please RSVP to (person’s name) at (contact info)

To mark the special occasion, please bring in your favorite romantic items and get ready for a love karaoke.”

All these ideas can be turned into something even more special that will suit your needs better. Find the quotes or sayings that are most appropriate for your occasion. If you are feeling confident about it, you can write the poem or love quotes yourself. Have fun with the invitation and make it correspond to the bridal shower theme.

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