Bridal Invitation Wording Ideas

Wording is everything when it comes to the bridal shower invitation. The selection of the proper tone and the proper information will get guests interested and eager to attend the event.

Some aspects of the bridal shower invitation remain unchanged regardless of the theme and type of the event. Others can be more creative, playful or romantic. Make sure that you fulfill all the basics before moving on to the creative part.

The traditional bridal shower invitation wording focuses on the important questions – what, where and who. Once you are done answering those, you can have fun with slogans, poems and visuals.

The Basics of Bridal Invitation Wording

For a start, you need to pay attention to the most important information that has to be included in the invitation.

Make sure that you list the type of event and the date when it is taking place. Include the exact address and time.

RSVP information and contact details are also important. If the bridal shower has a specific dress code, mention this information, as well. List any special gift preferences that the bride-to-be has.

It is also part of the etiquette to list the name of the hostess and her contact information. This gives guests the chance to address her in case they have any specific questions or suggestions connected to the bridal shower.

What Works and What Doesn’t?

If you want to have a very functional invitation, you should include brief and informative sentences. Let the guests know that you are delighted to invite them to a bridal shower that will be held at a specific date and time. Ask kindly for confirmation by a specific date.

This is the traditional wording and format. It involves no creativity and funny elements but everyone is able to get the point.

A stylish and well-structured invitation will always work fine. If, on the other hand, you try to be excessively creative, your efforts might end up in disaster.

Moderation is the important keyword you need to remember when coming up with bridal shower invitation wording. Joked that are too rude, poems that are too long or slogans that seem to preach too much will only annoy people. Anything that you choose need to be well-balanced and in harmony with the other invitation elements.

You should also keep the audience in mind. Refrain from trying to be very funny if the gathering of ladies has mainly traditional understandings. Addressing the audience in the correct manner is the most important step towards successful invitation wording.

More Text or More Visuals?

When coming up with the invitation wording, some people wonder whether the text is too little or too much.

A general rule of thumb is to say what you have to stay and to then stop. Refrain from trying to create an artificially long or short text.

Several sentences will be entirely sufficient to provide guests with the information they need to know. You can add a quote, a joke or several lines of a poem to the basic info. Refrain from writing a novel. This is not your time to shine as an author. The invitation is nothing more than a piece of paper asking people to attend a party.

You should also refrain from relying excessively on visuals. For best results, have one lead image alongside the text. If the image is too prominent, you can include it on the front of the invitation and have the information listed at its back or vice versa.

When it comes to the bridal shower invitation wording, make sure that you have included all the important details. The style you choose needs to be appropriate for the type of event. If it is a beach party, you can be casual and funky. A tea party will demand another type of wording. Keep it simple and relevant and your invitation will be successful and noticeable.

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