Choosing Bridal Shower Invitation Verses

The bridal shower invitation is a very important aspect of the party. It serves a number of important purposes.

The first and most logical role of the invitation is to provide guests with information about the event, its location, theme and the types of gifts that will be most appropriate. The invitation should contain RSVP information, as well.

The second part is the fun one. You can add a verse, a poem or a visual to make it more attractive and entertaining. The choice of verses is limited solely by your imagination and the type of message that you want to get across.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Verses?
Selecting verses could be somehow difficult because of the countless options you will discover. Search the web to get samples and to feel what a quality invitation looks and reads like.

When selecting invitation verses you have to keep in mind that these will set the tone. The invitation lets guests ‘feel’ the party and the atmosphere that you are about to create. Have the verse providing hints about these.

You can select a humorous verse, in case the theme is fun and more casual. Emotional verses are also available if you want to create a more sentimental mood.

Going for classical quotes or biblical verses is another option that you have. Popular quotes about love and romance will always be fashionable. In addition, such verses look classy, witty and intelligent.

Bridal Shower Invitation Verses Samples
As already mentioned, the invitation verses play an important role. They are mood-setters and they provide some additional information about the event that is going to take place. Picking the right verse is important but sometimes timely affair.

Before you make the selection, think about the message that you want to get across. Do you want the invitation to sound friendly and warm or more sophisticated? The verse will do just that, in case you have managed to spot and utilize the right one.

These invitation verse suggestions could be helpful. Most of them are universal, some are humorous. Pick the one that addresses your needs and preferences:

Star light, star bright!
(Name of bride-to-be) has found her Mr. Right!
Come help us shower the star-struck couple
(Provide information about date, location, RSVP).

Let’s wrap up our best wishes
And shower the bride with love!
We’re throwing
A Bridal Shower for
(Name of bride-to-be)
On (date and hour)
At (location).

(Name of bride-to-be) and (name of groom)
Will soon have a wedding
Down the aisle
Is where they’re heading
Before they become
Husband and wife
Let’s shower them with things
For their new life.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
(Name of groom) popped the question…
And (name of bride-to-be) said “I do”!
Please come to a
Bridal Shower Party!
(Provide information about date, location, RSVP).

The verse can come in the form of a poem or it could lack rhymes. Both options are acceptable. Make sure that it has nice word flow and that it is mood-setting. Giving guests a glimpse of what the party is all about will help them choose appropriate gifts and outfits. Be creative and explore the power of words.

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