Bridal Shower Invitation Text Ideas

Text is a powerful tool. It can make people laugh or cry. It informs, entertains and poses questions.

The manner in which the bridal shower invitation text is presented will determine how people will perceive the invitation.

Text selections should be careful and well-considered. Some invitations can be more frivolous and funny while others should stick to the classical guidelines. When it comes to invitation text, you can use many samples and etiquette guidelines in order to avoid mistakes and to get the message across.

The Basics: Who, What, Where?

In the beginning, try to create the text that serves the invitation’s main purpose – to inform.

Let people know what the event is all about. Include the name of the bride and the hostess. Have the date, hour and exact bridal shower venue listed.

If the bridal shower follows a specific theme, this should be pointed out in the invitation, as well. The same applies to special gift requirements and the RSVP information.

A standard text is plain, brief and straight to the point.

“(hostess name) is glad to invite you to (bride’s name)’s bridal shower.

We would greatly enjoy your company. Please join us for a (breakfast, luncheon, tea party, cocktail party?) on (date) at (location and time).

Kindly RSVP by (date).

Please bring along your fondest memories and love for the bride-to-be in order to turn the shower into an occasion to remember!”

This standard text says everything of primarily importance. It is entirely sufficient for a traditional and informative invitation.

Is Funny Appropriate?

Some people will probably be dissatisfied with a plain, traditional text. It includes no joke, no teaser or something unique and special.

Is it appropriate to make the invitation a funny one? It depends on the theme, on the character of the bride-to-be and on the audience.

If the group is a small one, including only the bride’s best friends, you can allow yourself the frivolity to make it funny, personal and casual. This tone is appropriate for an intimate gathering of close friends.

Yet, if the guest list includes coworkers and distant relatives, you should try to limit the usage of jokes. Some people could find these tasteless and inappropriate.

How Much Text is Too Much and is Creativity OK?

Whatever writing style and tone you adopt, try to keep the invitation short. People should know what it is all about the moment they get it.

Keep quotes and literary works limited to several lines. Large paragraphs taken from your favorite novels will appeal to you but will they be understood by all the guests?

A line of beautiful, romantic text is perfectly appropriate. You will have to choose it carefully so that it makes an adequate and understandable statement.

If you have writing ambitions yourself, you should try to keep those under check when coming up with the invitation. Unless you are a recognized author, chances are that some people will be disappointed with your art. Refrain from trying to be too creative, abstract or fun. You will solely alienate some of the people invited to the party.

The most important rule when it comes to bridal shower invitation text is being informative and keeping it relevant to the theme. If the party is official, the invitation should remain strictly informative. In case you are hosting a small event dedicated to love, you can create a romantic and emotional invitation. As long as it is adequately chosen, the text will do its job just fine.

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