Bridal Shower Invitation Poems and Verses

If you want to make the mood more romantic and love-centered, you can add several verses from a beautiful poem or a love song. Poetry seems to have been created especially to honor love, passion and the attraction that two people are capable of experiencing. Here are several appropriate examples for a romantic bridal shower invitation:

When two people are at one

in their inmost hearts,

they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze.

And when two people understand each other

in their inmost hearts,

their words are sweet and strong,

like the fragrance of orchids.

– I Ching Excerpt

As little girls we all dressed up,

Walked around in mothers stuff.

Lipstick was the brightest red,

With fancy hats upon our heads

Now that we’ve grown,We wear our own.

In all the softest colors that we know.

But underneath, we wear much more

And that is what this party’s for.

So for the little girls who’ve grown

And want those pretty things for their own

Come join us as we try them on,

And remember that it is all for fun.

– Unknown

Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue,

We’re having a shower

and inviting you!

– Unknown

Hearts and flowers, ribbons and lace,

the look of love is on her face.

A happy heart is hard to hide,

this little lady will soon be a bride!

– Unknown

Many of these poems were created by hostesses of bridal showers or the other ladies attending the event. If you have an idea, give it a try. Creating a little poem is not as difficult as it seems. This way, your invitation will certainly be original and unique to the bride-to-be’s special event.

Funny Bridal Shower Invitation Poems

If you are looking for something more enjoyable, you can select a funny bridal shower poem. Hundreds of such are available and at least some will seem appealing.

(bride’s name) met (groom’s name) somewhere along the way,

They fell in love and have now set their wedding day!

Come and join us for frivolity, fabulous food and fun

As we shower her and celebrate their decision to become one!

A marriage of two

is for love that is true

A marriage of two

is always something new

A marriage of two

happens sometimes out of the blue

A marriage of two

is worth it when its due

A marriage of two

is a marriage of trust

Many can find themselves lost

It can be an expensive cost

They are only very few

who have a clue

of when love accrues

A marriage of two

is about love making

It is not about

money raking

A marriage of two

can be bad

A marriage of two

can be sad

You should only be glad if

A marriage of two

is for love that is true

– Sylvia Chidi

(bride’s name) and (groom’s name) are tying the knot –

And this bridal shower is gonna be hot!

Gifts sure to make it one hell of a night,

and certain to make (groom’s name) squeal with delight!

You can make it as fun as you want it to be. Art is always appropriate and always adding a degree of freshness to the endeavor. In fact, if you discover a wonderful love poem or saying, you can theme the entire event after it. Take some time to pick the most appropriate poem or quote. It is the first thing that guests will see and it needs to be impressive enough.

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