Bridal shower invitation etiquette

It is your duty to come up with the bridal shower invitations and to send them out. As exciting as the task is, you need to follow several basic steps to make sure that the invitations follow the proper etiquette.

What tone should you use? Are there specific design dos and don’ts? Can the invitation be casual or does its style have to remain more official?

Asking these questions before creating the invitations is important as it will help you make the right choice and create an invitation that achieves the balance between usefulness and creativity.

What Information Should the Invitation Contain?

The information that the invitation presents is the most important aspect of it. Make sure that you provide guests with everything that they need to know about the party.

Naturally, the invitation should contain information about the time, place and date on which the event is taking place. The bride-to-be and groom’s names should be included, as well.

Additional details that should be noted include RSVP information, the theme of the event and the dress code, if there is such. If the bride-to-be has any specific preferences in terms of presents, this information should appear on the invitation, as well.

If the venue is difficult to find, you can include a map or specific directions that will help guests find the location effortlessly.


When it comes to the design of the invitation, you have relative freedom. Design etiquette is more or less outdated and you can unleash your creative skills.

Select the colors that will be used in the decorations. If the bridal shower will have a specific theme, you can incorporate that in the invitation design to give guests additional hints about the event.

Make sure that the fonts selected are readable enough. Some handwritten and cursive fonts look fancy and elegant but can turn the invitation in a complete riddle.

You should also select quality paper. Thin paper will be semi-transparent and could easily get folded or torn. Select more unusual and thicker paper. It can be colored or featuring a specific pattern to make the invitation more memorable and attractive.

Who Should be Invited?

When it comes to inviting guests, you should be extra careful.

Make sure that all of the ladies who will attend the bridal shower are also invited to the wedding.

Invite the bride’s closest friends, as well as her relatives like sisters and cousins. You should know if she has any specific preferences in terms of invitations so that you refrain from leaving an important person out of the party.

Casual or Official?

Another decision you will have to take is whether to have a casual invitation or a more official one.

This choice depends on the type of party and the people invited to it. If the theme is more elegant and sophisticated, you can confidently select an official invitation that demonstrates what the bridal shower will be.

In case the bride-to-be is easy going and in preference of small, intimate gatherings, you can have a more casual and entertaining invitation.

Remember to send the invitations at least several weeks in advance. The best option is to send the invitations four weeks in advance. You will give guests the chance to get ready and to select the most appropriate bridal shower gifts.

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