Using ice cream in the bridal shower menu

Ice cream is fun. Everybody loves ice cream. Focusing a bridal shower on ice cream or making it available as a dessert will certainly cheer up everyone present at the bridal shower.

The fact is that ice cream can find numerous applications during the bridal shower. It can be in the food, in the cake and in activities that you organize for the ladies. Enjoy your ice cream and be creative when it comes to its usage.

Is It Theme-Relevant?

Decide whether you want to include ice cream in the bridal shower menu.

Some themes and times of the year will make ice cream very appropriate while others will demand for a different type of dessert.

A beach-themed bridal shower will certainly go well with ice cream. Tropical parties and garden parties will also permit you to include the tasty dessert in the menu. On the other hand, if you are hosting a winter-themed party, you might start looking for alternatives to ice cream.

Colors and Flavors

Ice cream looks beautiful. It can be shaped in any way that you like, it can be decorated and it can add to the bridal shower atmosphere.

One of ice cream’s best aspects is that it comes in many colors. Mix the appropriate colors and flavors to get the desserts in the same nuance as the bridal shower decorations. It will look fancy and original.

Make sure that you have selected the bride-to-be’s favorite flavor. You can also get several others to add diversity and to please all guests regardless of their taste.

Ice cream-themed bridal shower

Ice cream will certainly make a nice addition to the bridal shower. Have you thought about making it central to the party?

An ice cream-themed bridal shower will be tons of fun. It can help you all go back in time to your childhood years. Further, ice cream can be successfully used to create specific ambiance and to come up with activities for the guests.

Sundae making is one option that everyone will enjoy.

For that aim, make different types of ice cream available in larger quantities. You will also need ice cream scoops and sundae glasses.

You can also provide the guests with candy, pieces of fruits, chocolate syrup, nuts, whipped cream, cherries and anything else that can be used in the creation of the perfect sundae. While having fun and picking the right ingredients, the ladies will get the chance to interact and get to know each other better.

Ice Cream Bridal Shower Cake

Ice cream can also be present in the bridal shower cake. Traditional ice cream cakes are tasty and refreshing.

Ice cream cone cakes are relatively new but already turning into something popular and preferred. The cake resembles a giant ice cream cone and will fit perfectly in the decorations you have selected for the party.

These cakes are actually quite easy to make. You can use ice cream cones, a cake mix and frosting. The mix is poured into the cones and baked. The frosting is added once the cake is baked. Many cones can be put together to form a design – a tower, a pyramid or anything else that you can imagine. Each cone is one serving of cake.

The most important feature of ice cream is that it is fun and enjoyable. You can truly entertain the bridal shower guests if you make ice cream available or if it is central to the theme of the party.

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