Executing a Honeymoon Bridal Shower Theme

You have the difficult task of organizing a bridal shower and you ponder over the theme opportunities. You are torn between something traditional and something wild. The right theme is a guarantee that the bride-to-be will love her party. Something romantic or something sophisticated? Making a choice can be harsh because of the numerous opportunities available.

One certain way to approach the issue is organizing a honeymoon-themed bridal shower. What exactly is it? You take the destination that the bride and groom have chosen for their honeymoon and you make it focal to the theme of the party.

Sounds easy but is it really so? The answer to this question depends on the destination and the manner in which you are willing to take guests there. Consider several bridal shower planning aspects if you are thinking of throwing a honeymoon-themed bridal shower.

When is the Honeymoon Theme Appropriate?
A honeymoon theme is the best option for a bride-to-be who loves to travel.

The theme will also please younger guests of the party. It really depends on the emotions and atmosphere that you are creating. Trying to recreate Paris or Florence will certainly get everyone in the mood.

A honeymoon-themed bridal shower will be inappropriate if for one reason or another the bride and groom are refraining from having a honeymoon or if they have selected a destination that can be difficulty presented through the decorations and the menu.

The Honeymoon Location
Before you start working on the decorations, invitations and other party aspects think about the honeymoon location.

Most travel destinations can be recreated effortlessly. You can choose among props, decorations and foods that are representative of a country or a city.

To take guests to Paris, for example, you will have to get large Eiffel Towel posters, French music and dim, romantic lights. French art and photographs of famous Parisian landmarks will also help you set the right mood.

Use the Menu to Convey the Theme
The menu can also be used effectively to recreate the atmosphere of a certain travel destination.

You will have to be careful when planning food. Certain exotic dishes will be too unusual for some guests. Make sure you have a balanced menu by offering a few traditional dishes that will appeal to everyone.

Select specific meals, drinks and desserts. The tableware, napkins and tablecloths you select need to be carefully chosen, as well.

Gift Ideas
Let guests know that the theme of the bridal shower will be honeymoon. Use the invitation to get this important message across.

The theme will also determine the types of gifts that people will be bringing to the party. If you want to have a focus on travel-specific gifts, make sure you mention that in the invitation.

Some appropriate gift ideas include suitcases, bags, travel guides and cosmetic products. All these items will also set the right mood and help guests understand what will be going on. In addition, such items will be useful for the honeymoon travel and for the future trips that the couple will be making.

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