Hawaiian bridal shower theme

A tropical theme will get bridal shower guests to relax. Taking guests to Hawaii is especially appropriate for gatherings of young people or for those that prefer casual settings and wild beach parties.

It can be especially fun to organize a Hawaiian-themed bridal shower. The theme brings associations of sunny beaches, clear salty water, palms and beach cocktails. A Hawaiian bridal shower is the right selection for a group of people who know how to enjoy their time together and who love adventures.

Bridal Shower Color Scheme

The first factor that will determine the successfulness of the theme is the selection of the right color scheme.

The colors need to remind guests of the tropics, of beaches and beautiful sunsets.

Pick decorations in gold, turquoise, blue and orange shades. Dark green is appropriate, as well. The colors need to speak of exotic places and beautiful landscapes. Natural colors will be most appropriate for a Hawaiian bridal shower.

Make it Tropical

The decorations you select will add to the appeal of the event and will create the right settings.

If you want to recreate the tropics in a room or a hall, you will have to put up your sleeves and use your creativity.

Plants are very important. Decorative potted plants will be useful. If you lack such, use traditional houseplants or have someone paint large palm posters. These can be hung on the walls to transform the place.

Yellow carpets can recreate the beach. Use sounds to enhance the atmosphere. The sound of waves moving will take all of the guests to Hawaii.

Have many flowers. You will also need Hawaiian leis to welcome people to the party.

Food and Drinks

The menu will also contribute to the Hawaiian theme.

Luau foods will make the event even more special. Luau is the Hawaiian term for a special occasion celebration – something that the bridal shower will be. You can discover numerous online resources that will advice you in terms of recipes and food selection.

One thing is certain – have loads of tropical cocktails. Specially selected cocktail glasses can add to the appeal.

Bananas, pineapples and coconuts are typical for tropical cuisine. Chicken and rice are also popular in Hawaii and you can use these ingredients for some of the appetizers or the main courses.

Hawaiian cuisine was influenced by the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. All such dishes will be appropriate for your tropical bridal shower, as well.

Hawaiian Activities and Games

The bridal shower activities will also contribute to the theme. The selection of appropriate games will make the event a true luau.

Remember to have hula skirts available for all guests. The next step is to learn Hawaiian dancing together.

You can choose among many styles of hula dancing. Get DVDs or other types of supportive materials that will teach bridal shower guests how to dance. You can even hire a hula dance instructor.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Relax and create wonderful settings so that guests will truly enjoy the bridal shower. A tropical event will be casual and leisurely. It is perfect for people to get to know each other and to strengthen existing ties.

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