Handmade bridal shower favors

Handmade bridal shower favors have numerous advantages over the store-bought items. The most precious aspect of such favors is that they are unique. You have created each individual piece and there is no other like it.
Further, handmade favors can be more inexpensive and more original than store-bought ones.

It takes some effort and creativity to make favors on your own but if you are into such projects, you will have tremendous fun while creating these beautiful pieces.

Some bridal shower favors are very easy to make. You can select among numerous simple yet effective ideas.


Candles are probably the easiest bridal shower favor to create. They are beautiful and appealing. Candles can be decorated in any way that you find appropriate. The materials you need to make a candle include wax and a wick.

If you want to make even more elegant candles, you can use gel wax. This transparent jelly-like substance is much cleaner than traditional wax and has the capacity to prolong the life of the candle.

You need to keep in mind the fact that gel wax cannot stand on its own. The candle will have to be contained in a glass or a jar.

Candles come in many shapes, colors and scents. It all depends on the mold that you select, the dye and the essential oils that you use in making the candle. Creating the candle itself is a quick process. You will then have to let it solidify and to decorate it.


Jars for cookies or spices are another suitable option that you can make on your own. Such bridal shower favors are both pretty and useful. In addition, you can get them filled with spices, candies or cookies to make them even more enjoyable.

The manner in which you decorate such bridal shower jars is entirely up to you. You can follow the party theme. Or you can have a witty love quote written across the jar. Use your imagination.

Once you decide on the design, you will have to purchase decoration materials – paint, ribbons, stickers. These are inexpensive and widely available.

Message Favors

The best favors usually contain a message of love from the bride to all of the special ladies who have attended her party.

Messages can be created in fun and original ways. A message in a bottle is the simplest way to create such bridal shower favors. You will need little, decorative boxes and parchments. The creation process itself is quite simple.

Messages can also be presented in the form of a card, a calendar or a booklet. You can even create customized T-shirts that have a message from the bride or a special saying. The manners in which you can make a statement are numerous.

Handmade bridal shower favors come in many shapes and sizes. You can create pieces of jewelry, key chains, personalized cup cakes and anything else that you happen to think of. It is important to put thought and creativity in the favor. As long as it carries its message in a unique way, your handmade bridal shower favor will be a success.

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