Bridal shower gift etiquette

A bridal shower is a fun event allowing the bride-to-be to spend time and have fun with the ladies that she loves the most.

Though attending such events is always fun, guests have one important task to keep in mind – the selection of gifts. Bringing a gift to such parties is a tradition that most people stick to. Simultaneously, a gift has to be purchased for the wedding itself.
What is bridal shower gift etiquette? Are some items inappropriate and what price range is acceptable?

Something Classic and Something Small

Bridal shower gifts are usually smaller than the wedding gifts. You can be comfortably selecting something useful yet small.

For best results, you can select a minor item from the couple’s wedding list. You will know that you are purchasing something useful that the bride-to-be will certainly need.

Try to keep the gift classical. Refrain from attempting to be excessively original. Funny gifts are inappropriate. A bride-to-be is in need of many objects for her new home. Be helpful instead of funky.

Take the Bridal Shower Theme in Consideration

Another way to approach the issue is taking the bridal shower theme into consideration. Such approach will let you be original and practical at the same time.

If you want to make it personal, get the bride something that she will use by herself instead of with her future husband. Such gifts are dedicated solely to the special woman that you love.

If the theme is romance, you can get her some beautiful lingerie. When it comes to a spa-themed bridal shower, get the bride-to-be a basket full of cosmetic products that will let her relax and pamper herself.

Keep the Price Modest

The amount of money to spend on a bridal shower gift is another aspect that troubles many people.

Try to keep the expenditure limited. A larger and more expensive gift is more appropriate for the wedding. The bridal shower is an event for ladies honoring the bride-to-be. It is less formal, thus the present should be smaller.

Anything priced up to $100 is appropriate. Refrain from spending more on a bridal shower gift.

Wrap It in an Attractive Way

Apart from being attractive and practical, the gift needs to look good. Selecting the appropriate gift wrap is another important aspect of the bridal shower gift etiquette.

You can get small hints from the invitation. This way, you can select wrapping paper and ribbons in matching colors. You can also consult the maid of honor, since she is the person who will be hosting the event.
A fine wrap demonstrates your respect for the person and the event. A carelessly wrapped gift will certainly be spoiled, even if you select the most amazing item you could get your hands on.

Related Bridal Shower and Wedding Gift

If you want to take your efforts a step further, you can select a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift that compliment each other.

Many objects, accessories and gift pieces combine finely with other items. You can come up with related gifts for the two events, which will make them even more practical and usable.

Such gifts require more research, thought and consideration but will certainly be memorable. If you want to impress the bride to be, you should think about related gifts for the bridal shower and the wedding.

Remember to think carefully about the gift, its price and the manner in which it is presented. These three aspects of the bridal shower gift etiquette are most important. As long as the gift is selected with love and care, you are on the right track.

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