Bridal Shower Gift Bags

The most appropriate bridal shower gift bags can be used to complement any bridal shower favor being presented to the guests at the bridal shower party. Traditionally, bridal shower favors were not considered to be an absolute requirement for the bridal shower party but as new bridal shower ideas emerged, bridal shower favors are now being used to creatively set the tone for the bridal shower and the upcoming wedding.

Bridal shower favor ideas are really tokens of appreciation to the guests for attending the bridal shower party and bringing a gift. Most of the bride-to-be’s guests now eagerly look forward to the event to see how uniquely a bridal shower theme will be expressed in the small keepsakes, enticing treats and thoughtful packaging that compliments the bridal shower favor.

Most bridal shower favors serve as a creative reminder to the guests, of the bride-to-be’s sense of style, color or even humor and do not have to be extravagant. Since presentation is everything, the bridal shower gift bags being handed to the guests whether simple, classical, homemade, traditional or even comical must make a memorable statement.

When tasteful and appropriate balance has been reached for the occasion and the correct gift bag chosen for the type and size of the favor, the bridal shower guests tend to hold onto the bridal shower gift bags for a long time after the wedding has taken place.

Here are some guidelines for choosing bridal shower gift bags for the bridal shower favor:
The weight and size of the bridal shower favor is important when choosing the type of gift bag like paper and card or cloth and canvas gift bags. For the guest carrying home the bridal shower favor make sure that the bridal shower gift bag can easily support the weight and size of the items placed in it.

The type of material chosen for the gift bag will either be for the short-term (like card or paper) or for the long haul (like cotton, velvet, satin, sheer organza or canvas). A good gauge of whether to use short-term or long-term bridal shower gift bags would be based on the use of the favor and how it will be stored.

The use or purpose of the bridal shower favor would determine the kind of bridal shower gift bag that would be used to package the favor. Depending on whether the favor is a long term item like a sterling silver keepsake or short-term like candy or chocolates then the strength and quality of the gift bag should be adjusted to meet the need.

Keepsakes require a bag made of material that would not decay easily while a gift bag for chocolates need only reach the car in the car park in a more fragile paper shower gift bag with wrapping.

Many keepsakes and mementos are purchased as bridal shower keepsakes and gift bag combos, making it easier for the buyer to make one purchase and maintain the theme with the tailor-made design of the gift bag.

Monogrammed favors or inscribed gift bags are a beautiful way to express appreciation especially for small bridal shower parties. The monogram could be placed at a corner of the gift bag with the initials of the bride and groom.

Alternately, gift bags can be inscribed with the date of the bridal shower and the prospective date of the union of the bride and groom. Some brides also add the first name of the guest on the gift bag to record the guests’ presence at the bridal shower. This kind of bag makes a “You were there” statement.

Guest-specific bridal shower gift bags are a great idea if the guests attending the bridal shower are well known to the bride-to-be. The favor and its complementary gift bag can be tailored to the individual guest. This means that each token of appreciation/favor is individually chosen and would be as random and diverse as the bridal shower gifts the bride has been receiving.

The guests then feel that they are very important to the bride who has taken time out of her busy schedule to cater specifically to their taste. Whatever your final choice for bridal shower gift bags, made a statement in your special way and make the occasion one that will not be forgotten.

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