Bridal Shower Games Questions

Various bridal shower games involve questions being asked. These are fun and letting guests know a little bit more about the bride-to-be and her future husband.

Being the hostess of a bridal shower signifies coming up with the activities and entertainment that will help guests and the bride-to-be have a good time. It also signifies that you will be the person trying to come up with bridal shower games questions.

The questions that you choose have to be personal, interesting and describing the interests and love story of the bride and the groom. You may feel uncertain about some of the topics to inquire about. Here are various ideas that will help you decide what types of questions to select for the bridal shower games.

How Well do You Know the Bride?
This game involves all of the guests. Its aim is to demonstrate how well these people know the bride-to-be.

To get prepared for this game, you will have to ask the bride-to-be various questions in advance. These should focus on her childhood, favorite activities, hobbies, romantic past, pets, relationship with the groom, career and family.

All of these questions will be suitable for the How Well do You Know the Bride game:

What is her favorite restaurant and her most favorite meal?

What types of sports did the bride-to-be practice during her childhood and teenage years?  Is she still active?

What is her favorite song and her favorite movie? (The person who gets that questions will receive bonus points for performing that song).

When did she get kissed for the first time?

What are her parent’s professions?

When did the bride-to-be get her first driver’s license? When did she buy her first car?

Which schools did the bride-to-be go to? What university did she graduate from? Who was her favorite teacher and her favorite high school subject?

Which travel destinations has the bride-to-be gone to?

Where was the bride-to-be born? Which city did she spend most of her life in? Where did she meet her future husband?

How did her fiancé propose to her? Where did it happen? How did she react?

You can come up with many other questions along these lines. Try to have a fine mixture of questions on a number of topics. Having a good selection will turn the game into wonderful fun that all of the guests will be enjoying.

How Well do You Know the Groom?
This game tests the bride-to-be’s knowledge of her fiancé. You will have to ask the groom various questions in advance. Record his answers and then see how well the bride-to-be knows him.

These are the questions that you could be asking:

What is his favorite football team?

Who is his best friend and how did the two meet?

Who is he named after? What nicknames did he get in school and university? Why?

What was his first pet’s name? What type of animal was it?

When did he meet his first girlfriend?

What is his favorite movie, actor, song and music performer?

Are his childhood friends still part of his life? What are their names?

What was his first job and how many years did he have to do it?

When and how did the two of you share a first kiss? Who was the person responsible for it?

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